Thursday, November 6, 2014

Treatment with Housemaids in our Houses

Have you ever pondered upon the case that in our society, maids and drivers are thought to be invisible? When an expat comes here for his work purposes he knows that through his sponsor his basic needs will be fulfilled but when it comes to labor who has come to work as a maid or a driver then they are seen as people who serve us not people who work for us. Individuals who come here as housemaids or drivers, they aren’t treated with respect and they are suppressed by all the others as they think they own them. There is this label attached to these workers that they are available all the time to perform chores for the family at any time of the day. This creates distance between the worker and the family since he starts to feel that he is not getting the respect he deserves. Their individuality and personal life is taken away from them and they are supposed to pamper the family 24/7.

In other words these types of workers are taken for granted and are not acknowledge for their work. When they are not praised for their hard work and are always been treated with disrespect then their work efficiency initially goes down resulting in costly items disappearing from the house but even if they don’t hide these items, blames always hit them first. One major disadvantage of disheartening your worker is that if they don’t get respect then they tend to lose their feeling of ownership with you and he might work half time as a taxi driver without informing his employer or even make late pick-up’s or drive in a very lazy manner.

Have you ever wondered as to why such gaps cannot be filled or are there in the first place? Well, the reason behind this is that many countries had a law that the individuals could have slaves until the late 1950’s but then when this law was removed, every single family had  personal workers which made today’s youth quite dependent on them since they are used to the workers fulfilling their needs. Most of the domestically working individuals have come from places where people have positive attitude towards serving people. 

These people are such survivors that even though they will be having extreme unwanted work load, they always tend to have smiling faces in front of their employer so that they do not think that they are giving their workers a tough time. These lovely creatures do understand the social class differences they have that’s why they never tend to complain

While on the other hand, it is not necessary that all the people are the same and they treat their workers in the same cruel manner. Balancing terms between domestic staff and employers takes skill as there are also many kind hearted Saudis out there who think of the maids and the drivers as a part of their extended family; as a part of their own. They provide these individuals with good accommodation, proper meals and acceptable salary so that they could send some cash back to their families as well.

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