Friday, November 14, 2014

Treatment with Saudi Residents by U.S. Immigration Officers

Hey there folks, if you guys are planning to visit the United States any time soon then let me tell you to get ready to face your cranky phase at the airport. Well yes I mean getting bothered at the custom screening for no valid reason would obviously piss off any ordinary person. Individuals coming in and going out of Saudis are literally treated in a very ill manner; they are asked a list of questions making them feel as if they were some kind of murderers. As far as my knowledge is concerned, America does not really treat the citizens of other countries like they treat the Saudis.

Most off the citizens of their respective country other than the Saudi Arabia are treated normally; they do not spend much off their time on them and let them go as soon as the typical necessary custom screening process has been taken place. But as far as we are concerned, they see us with the eye of suspicion as if we are going to bombard their country or what not. This level of unease for the Saudis and residents of Saudi Arabia has started after the incident of 9/11. The homeland security decided to take such measures after this terrible incident because they feel insecure but that doesn’t really mean that you treat all the Saudi residents as if they are some kind of untrusted people. 

Now if we are done talking about Saudi residents in general, let me tell you about Saudis and nationals of some other national countries who are residents of Saudi Arabia in particular what they have to go through American custom screening. The youth Saudis are treated like I don’t know some rotten apple in a basket of juicy red ones. I mean come on, what in the world have we done wrong to receive such hatred? These young Saudis are pulled out of the custom lines by the security and are sent to the waiting room and are asked to wait a while. Trust me their ‘wait a while’ really refers to ’wait till we feel like calling you.’

When they are finally called, there are detail interviews taken of them to ensure that their purpose of coming to the United States is completely harmless. Such interviews contain questions like their purpose of visiting the states and what they tend to do here. How long are they going to stay here and where are they particularly staying over here like the address of a relative if you’re here to meet them or if you are staying in a hotel then they will be needing reservation confirmation ticket as a proof to over check if we are lying or not. It seems like they have some kind of unresolved trust issues with us. Not only this, we also need to show our return ticket at times to make them ensure that we are here for only a short span not to spend the rest of our lives.

Saudi Couple who visited USA says,
My husband and I are never prone to such activities of this type of behavior but every time we visit the United States, my husband is pulled out of the line for additional screening and a detailed interview session takes place even though we are not visiting the states for the first time, they don’t simply trust us. Also since I was his wife, I would have to go through these kinds of acts as well. I am a Saudi women and have been protected all my life, going to search checks really give me a feeling of humiliation so it is at times very awkward for me to undergo unnecessary extra custom checks. Well the best way to walk out of such checks is to remain calm, do as they say and give answers they want to hear from you.

Amina Qureshi Raja: It's nothing " against " Saudis coming to USA, it's just that Saudis, sadly are so used to have their groceries taken to their cars, and cut off queues at grocery stores, leave their trays at food courts or fast foods, get the guy come to their car to order a water bottle from a shop that , the reality of real life strikes hard. Welcome to the real world. It's not that Saudis are treated WORSE than any other nationalities, it's simply because Saudis are way too pampered in their country by their 3rd world countries expats. And it's not because Saudis salute to Americans and Americans passports that it would be reciprocated USA is a “dream” for many Saudis But Saudi Arabia isn't for many Americans. This is NORMAL check and routine for any sensitive “profiles".

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