Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Tweet on Twitter Caused 8 Years Jail in Saudi Arabia

The judiciary that is also known as the judicial system or court system is the system of courts that interprets and applies the law in the name of the state. The judiciary also provides a mechanism for the resolution of disputes. Questioning this ‘Judiciary’ in the states of Saudi Arabia can prove to be highly wrong and can easily be highlighted as an act of crime in their government. To elaborate on this I would like to bring in a case that took place about a week where three lawyers, who were residents of Riyadh were brought behind bars because they were reported to tweet criticizing the states judiciary as well calling the system of justice unjust! Strict action was taken against these three lawyers. Their name was not released to the media and was kept confidential. They were sentenced for between between 5 to 8 years and were also denied to leave the state even after they were released from jail. The ‘Law Holders’ broke what they were supposed to uphold. These three lawyers had been posting against the judiciary board making unjust and shameful comments relating to the laws of the state.

This incident gives us a deep scoop about the government and people of Saudi Arabia of how much they are expected to obey the rules and regulations of Saudi Arabia. The judicial system in Saudi Arabia is an Islamic System and no one has a right to claim it unjust. What I have observed from this is that the Saudi Arabia proves to have a very good and mark leaving sort off punishment to keep their people in control. This is the reason Saudi Arabia is safer than many other countries of the world including USA. Tweet on Twitter somehow gave birth to a major crisis in the courts against their own lawyers. To be more precise these lawyers were convicted of prejudicing public order through tweets which contained opinions against the ruler, and expressed contempt for the judiciary and undermined it. The court in charge for this case found the defendant No. 1 guilty of criticizing the king’s support to an Arab country. The court also observed that the defendant found fault with the justice system by criticizing and calling some court verdicts as oppressive. He was sentenced to eight years in jail.

The court sentenced defendant No. 2 to five years in prison for describing the judicial system as “retarded,” and for castigating the Shariah courts. The charges against defendant No. 3 included accusations against the Supreme Judicial Council that it sacked good judges. The defendant also criticized judgments issued by some law courts and calling the verdict against one of the defendants as harsh. He leveled those accusations through his Twitter account. Defendant No.3 was also sentenced to five years of jail and the judge before adjourning the case warned the people from doing something similar.

This case is an eye opener giving the impression that no one can escape the clutches of the law of Saudi Arabia. It's a state where Justice is always served!

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