Sunday, November 9, 2014

Western Women v/s Saudi Women – A Comparison

Most of the Saudi Women may just be housewives who are restricted to live within their property, handling in house affairs-catering to their husbands every need and making sure that their children are pleased. This assumption isn't wrong. It is correct! However what most people fail to realize is that these women are not at all shy inside their walls as they are thought to be outside in public!

Saudi Women may be good home makers, keeping their family bound together but with this they portray themselves as a perfect picture outside their homes. They remain obedient and shy. Usually quiet and only make low conversation when questioned or addressed. Compared to the Western Woman who is in a lot of different types, they like to be on equality standards with their husbands. They are not shy in fact much confident in worldly matters as well as their household matters.

A bit disgracing is the fact that people conclude to the opinion that Saudi Men do not treat their wives with respect. That is a very surprising and unjust conclusion to make since it is absolutely a FALSE assumption towards them. Saudi Women are usually raised up and brought up in houses with housemaids throughout their life. That is part of the customs and traditions around Saudi Arabia. However the western women are not with such graces. They must clean and sweep the house along with their other responsibilities. Saudi Women are kept with great care by their husbands. They live the life of an Ideal Queen even if it's just to be within four walls, a queen is a queen!

I cannot compare the most amazing of women to fight for the struggle between most appropriate of wives. Making a comparison of both the Saudi and Western women can become pretty hefty and unjust. They both come from different parts of the world with different backgrounds, cultures and customs. Where the majority of the Saudi Women stay at home even though they are having housemaids to make the house spotless, Western Women must clean as well as work to maintain their respect. Where western women may talk back to their husbands, Saudi Women consider their husbands as highly respectable, it is their DUTY to please them and keep them happy at all costs. Maybe this might change the perception of many whether Saudi Women can be the perfect wives or not.

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