Friday, November 28, 2014

When will Saudi Residents Intimidation stop at U.S. Airports?

In the post 9/11 era the most painful act that started at United States airports is hourly interrogation by homeland security department. Many people regardless of being United States nationals or foreign nationals have to face long hours interrogation about something they have never involved in. While travelling to the United States the young Saudi residents aging up to 35 years should be mentally prepared for a something similar to intimidation. Even if one is sibling of a Saudi Diplomat it does not brings a bar against this intimidation. We have covered the “Treatment with Saudi Residents by U.S. Immigration” in this link.

This secondary interrogation is not based upon a strong suspicion of involving in something illegal rather this interrogation can be started on the basis of how a Saudi male answered the initial immigration inquiries. It is not surprising at all that mostly Saudi males between the age group of 22 to 35 usually face secondary interrogation at United States airports. This style of welcome by United States Officials creates many questions in mind. Before any male with Saudi Nationality enters in United States there is a complete process of obtaining a valid visa. Credentials of the individual are completely checked and cleared by the Homeland Security Department an interview at United States embassy is also conducted, after completion of all this process. One thinks that why he has to undergo the secondary interrogation at United States airport.

It is acknowledged fact that both the countries Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and  United States  enjoy a strong relationship based on bilateral terms. If it is so, why these hurdles and fear inspiring tactics are being faced by the Saudi males at United States airports? It creates a great panic in one’s mind that after undergoing a thorough process of obtaining visa why he has to face these things at a friend state’s airport. One may disagree but many people are of the view that intimidation tactics are used against the Saudi Nationals. Let me quote a recent incident to make these tactics more clear. It happened to a Saudi male upon his arrival at one of the United States Airports.

The young man was in the age of mid-twenties and it is important to know that he had come to United States many times before. He had been travelling on diplomatic passport but the recent visit was on regular passport issued by Saudi Government. The moment he arrived at immigration counter of United States, the immigration officer just looked at the passport and without asking a single question the man was taken to interrogation. Many other co-passengers coming from Saudi Arabia were also present there. Young man waited a long for his turn and then he was taken to a small room, to be interrogated by another immigration officer. The immigration officer asked many questions those were actually already been made clear in the homeland department’s scrutiny i.e. what is the purpose of coming to the states, his contact details in Saudi Arabia, other personal details including date of birth, who else he knows in America, if he had knowledge about anyone who had been part of a terrorist group.

All this continued for more than 4 hours and his family members waiting outside were quite concerned and he himself was in great panic because of all this. This bad experience changed the young man’s emotions about United States immigration department. He lives in and enjoys America but has a less emotion of respect for United States officials. Can anyone imagine what will happen if immigration officials of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia start doing the same kind of interrogation and scrutiny towards every United States National arriving Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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