Sunday, November 2, 2014

Why I support operation against Illegals in Saudi Arabia?

And yet again, the mid-eastern countries would not spare the world from their day-to-day drama, as most of the world outside would like to put in, Arab definitely goes inferno on the illegal residency, a major dilemma on the loose for almost one third of the world. Definitely not a drama if almost a 3% of the country is swept within the current of the illegal quandary. "If an owner of a small enterprise conspires with an illegal foreign worker, he will be subject to sanctions," says Adel al-Fakieh, Labor Minister, KSA.

Illegals are the reason of Unemployment of Saudis
The clearance on the illegal residency is a means of cutting down all the illegal transactions being conducted in the country. Now would you claim that to be a drama if you were to rid your home off what contaminates it? What would you do if Swine Flu entered your residence and there was no way out from that dilemma unless the person infected was ridden off the virus? Though not all the business being conducted by the illegal residence is illegal, their illicit occupancy poses a dramatic threat to not only the economic but the security sector of the nation too. Thousands of the native citizens wander about unemployed. Why? Because an expatriate enrobed as a native robs him off his rights.

Illegals are the reason of Terrorism
The claim of ‘the hub of terrorism’ embossed upon the mid-eastern countries by the rest of the world prevailed in the nation due to the lack of education. When the nation tries to fight off the claims, illegal residents deprive the natives off their basic education rights. How? The basic education institutes for those who cannot afford them are government-oriented. Illicit residence dodges the system upon which these basic rights depend. Would you still call this a mid-eastern drama?

Illegals are the reason of Alcohol
Alcohol and other substance abuse have been restricted in the country for a specific reason, most of which revolves around public health. Would you want illicit cultures invading your privacy?

Moral of the Story
Saudi Arabia still acknowledges the expatriate assistance with its development, welcoming all the foreigners who become a part of the nation’s projects with a legal permit, conforming to all its laws just the way a citizen would. Saudi Arabia is proud of Saudi Aramco, which itself lies on the foundations of a foreign company.


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