Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Why Women in Saudi Arabia are Unemployed?

Santosh Kalwar said, “Young people have limited choices, but they are also useful human resources.” How much do you agree to this? I know I do by a hundred percent. The reason is because I myself am a young one and I can relate. We young ones have the power, will and determination to do anything. However we are usually ignored because we do not qualify to be smart enough or clever enough by our elders. A different opinion to this is why do you think Saudi Women are unemployed? What could be the possible reason for this? Did you know that sixty five percent of the women in Saudi Arabia are unemployed? It wouldn't take long for me to jot down all the possible reason as to why they are.

In most cases women in Saudi Arabia have obtained a good degree in their education. Did many different courses and got good grades. They can get the job in one of the best and leading companies in the Kingdom but the only reason they did continue on higher education was merely due to the fact that it was their right (which no doubt is). But according to me I don't think it's actually fair to the education you have obtained to go to waste without utilizing it. This can help the workforce in Saudi Arabia. Also it gives these women to become more active and interactive in their state. They can earn and help their family if they are not rich. The advantages of working are many but there are some disadvantages that need to be seen as well.

Reasons of Unemployment of Women in Saudi Arabia
  1. Most of the women in Saudi Arabia are just not interested in the work. They do not wish to work full time.
  2. Before marriage they are not allowed by their family and after marriage well they are still not! The reason being is because they have to work outside their homes and have to come in contact with males. The issue here is they are Non Mehram.
  3. Other reasons are that she may be having transportation issues since she would not be having a car and driver available to her throughout.
  4. Many of these women are married and mothers and they simply do not accept to leave their children at home with nannies or drop them at day care.
  5. Other factor of this is not getting committed to a job but is simply that they don't or won't want to fulfill their commitment to the job.
  6. Many of these women think that they are not disciplined enough to do jobs. Most of these statements are pretty unjust since they simply won't do a job because of their own desire.
  7. They are happy being free all day and bored all day rather than utilizing their energy on all the right ways to help their Kingdom prosper even more. If only these women could join the workforce of their  state it would not only give the country a better increase in employment rate but also increase their profits and help it to prosper!

Saudi women have as much talent and ability to work as the western women. The only difference is that the Saudi women seem to be lazier and less interested. All they care about is how to be the perfect ideal HOUSEWIFE who would try everything to keep their family happy and satisfied. This is a very useless statement to make since there are ample of women who become amazing businesswoman and amazing housewives. It's all the willingness of the women that really counts. The rest of things can fall in place with time!


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