Thursday, November 6, 2014

Wife Sets her Husband on Fire in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Gazette has reported that a Woman set her abusive husband on fire. On account of reading this headline the Makkah natives were in severe shock for quite some time. Many question bubbled up in one’s mind as to why a women would ever do that to her husband? Well let me tell you the story behind this tagline. Choking in tears with shaky voice the women stated that she was a victim of verbal and physical abuse every night her husband came back from work. She thought of divorcing him in order to free herself from the constant pain and suffering she was going through, in fact she even tried to but all went to vain. Despite all her effort nothing could be done so to finally diminish her pain for once and for all she planned on setting her husband and herself on fire.

Fire left her Alive
Though what she did cannot be justified but to her astonishment the fire killed her husband but left her alive though badly burnt. During all her time in the hospital she prayed for her resentment from Allah and had the thought of her children on her mind. Belonging from a middle class family she always dreamt of gaining higher education and becoming a nurse to save the lives of others, instead she got married to a man who she believed was God fearing and a good hearted man because this is what she was told about him by her surroundings. He on the other hand turned out to be the opposite man she thought she had married. During the starting of her first two years of marriage he used to stay away from home without even bothered to inform his wife and children without even a single penny at home for grocery but instead he managed to wear the best of clothes. When on returning home would be questioned by his wife, he would give his answer in the form of beating her up.

Why did she do it?
What actually made her come up to this thought of burning him was when a new neighbor had shifted in and while one day her husband forgot to lock her, she let the neighbor in and told her entire sad story and she advised her to set her husband on fire though she planned on setting both of them on fire but she hesitated and went into the bathroom which prevented her from dying. Later she was informed that her husband didn’t die because of the fire but instead because of smoke inhalation and that she was not the only wife of his husband, he had two more.

When the court looked for evidence there was no connection found between the neighbor and the incident. Despite her hard fate and her very reasonable explanation as to why she did what she did, the court held her guilty and at this very moment this poor lady is behind the bars waiting for her execution. Don’t you think it’s unfair for her? We all should really stand up for her, since till when women will face harassments they don’t even deserve.
Source: Saudi Gazette


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