Friday, November 21, 2014

Working under Wife’s Sponsorship

Can I work in a company while I am under sponsorship of my wife?

Question by Visitor
I came as a dependent of my wife here in Saudi Arabia. I am an Engineer. I was offered a job for almost a year and started working since then and the same time the company is transferring my IQAMA. Until now my Iqama is not yet transferred and I am still under my wife. Currently, the company is still pursuing the transfer. Now, there is a better company that is offering me a job. Will there be a problem if I resign in my current job and accept the new offer? Am I violating any law? Is it possible for the new company to transfer my sponsorship? My current company is in Green category. I did not sign any contract when I joined the current company.

Answer by Steve
You are violating the Labor Law. If you are caught, you along with wife will be deported from Saudi ARabia with lifetime ban. Your current employer cannot do anything if you leave him and go for the better offer since legally he is also violating the labor law by letting you work for him without transferring the sponsorship. You should accept the better offer and transfer your sponsorship to the new company's name.

Comment by Visitor
Thanks Steve, in my current company they showed me information from MOI website that my transfer to the current company is already accepted by the MOI. My current company is now as far as I know, is processing my Iqama in Jawasat. This was their reason why I am allowed to work even my iqama is not yet fully transferred. Will there be a problem if I accept the new offer? My Iqama is still with me since I borrowed it from my current company to be renewed under my wife as it is near the expiry date already.

Answer by Steve
If you have surrendered the documents for the transfer of sponsorship to your employer, they can process them at any time. These documents include a permission from your wife to transfer you from her sponsorship. If you have both passport and Iqama, you can go to some other employer and start processing of transfer of sponsorship there. Before doing so, you should check about your current Kafeel in the MOI and Ministry of Labor system. You can check it from the following links.

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