Monday, December 8, 2014

10 Body Language Mistakes to Avoid in an Interview

Body language is the most important thing which has to be maintained carefully during an interview with employer or company director. Sometimes, despite of exceptional talent and prestigious qualification, people get rejected in interview process just due to wrong body language and confusing movements. These mistakes make loss of employer’s confidence about abilities and capabilities of interviewee, which results in loss of prospective job. Here is a list of body language mistakes majority do while interview with employer.

  1. Confusing Expressions: People must show facial expressions which match right the way with words. In case verbal and nonverbal communication contradicts, the nonverbal expressions override the verbal communication. People normally mistake giving gestures against their words in interview which clearly shows that they even themselves don’t agree to their words. 
  2. Eye Movements: It is a worldwide concept that if a talking person breaks eye contact again and again, he or she is lying. Incorrect eye movements while talking to interviewer shows that you are interested more in other things rather than the person who is in communication with you.
  3. Wrong eye contact: Too much breakage in eye contact can create a hindrance in communication process. Don’t gaze too much but don’t break eye contact either. It shows that you are unconfident or don’t trust your words yourself. 
  4. Tough looks: Employee while interviewing give tough and hell serious looks as if it is not an interview or some kind of interrogation from legal authority. Gazing, starring or locking eyes with employer or any other person involved in interview procedure can be taken as an aggressive behavior.
  5. Closed hands: Hands wrapped or placed on back may show that you are reserving yourself from other person or hiding something. Avoid this mistake and present yourself approachable and open. 
  6. Excessive hand movements: Unnecessary hand movements may divert attention of other person from your words or face. It creates an obstacle in communication process. Pointing towards employer can also make him aggressive and defensive.
  7. Posture showing lack of interest: Entire body posture matters a lot. In case an individual sits in a lethargic or unprofessional way, lean too much towards back or front or slouch. It generates a negative message about seriousness of him at the edge of employer.  
  8. Defensive Attitude: Closed arms can generate a signal that person is defensive and is not open for correspondence. It can create a hurdle in communication process by showing you as resistant to talking with employer. Open your arms and give confidence to employer that you are interest in his questions and words.
  9. Nodding in appropriately: Some people are habitual in nodding for everything, whether that agrees this or not. This excessive nodding generates a wrong message at the edge of employer. He considers it silly or sign of nervousness. Avoid it in any case.
  10. Fidgeting: Don’t try to getting involved in irritating activities while answering or talking to employer. Stop moving hands, tapping things of table, adjusting your tie or hairs or any other activity like this. Be simple, sleek and act like a professional.

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