Sunday, December 21, 2014

Marriages of HIV Infected Patients in Saudi Arabia

Mosa Hiaza’a, director of the Saudi Charity Association for AIDS Patients claimed that Association has registered more than 630 HIV cases this year which is 100% increase over last year. He said that he is quoting the statistics issued in June 2014 by the Saudi Charity Association for AIDS Patients. He said that 2,500 patients are living with their families but in complete touch with the Association. Saudi Charity Association for AIDS Patients is taking care for them physically and emotionally and economically by providing them some useful items as per their needs. Moreover, Association is taking care of full responsibility of 130 HIV Patients.

Marriage of HIV AIDS Patients
A remarkable achievement of the Saudi Charity Association for AIDS Patients is organizing marriages of the affected HIV AIDS Patients. It is generally said and assumed that patients dealing with HIV or AIDS cannot get married but with the effort of this Association it is made possible. They are arranging perfect matches for HIV AIDS patients to get them married. Physical relation transfers HIV from one patient to another normal person. But if both of them are HIV infected, their marriage is possible.

Babies of HIV Infected Parents
There are 90% chances that HIV will be transferred from mother to a new born baby. However, with the efforts of Saudi Charity Association for AIDS, they have delivered at least 90 babies from the HIV Infected parents who are not HIV Infected. We must appreciate the great work Saudi Charity Association for AIDS is doing for the welfare of HIV AIDS Patients.

Lesson from the Story
Purpose of writing this article is to create awareness among the readers about the HIV AIDS and the role Saudi Charity Association for AIDS is performing in this regard. If anyone is infected, he must register himself with the Saudi Charity Association for AIDS. They will take care of him and try to give him a better life style.


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