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5 Reasons why western expat women love to live in KSA

Expats from other Islamic countries love to live in Saudi Arabia because of many religious and cultural similarities. Let us see why a western expat woman is in love with living in Saudi Arabia. The essence of the underwritten is taken from personal experiences of a western expat living in KSA for years. It is a usual matter that when a western expats tells someone new from west that she is living in Saudi Arabia she has to face many awkward questions those are usually based on the stuff that western media portrays about Saudi Society.  It is amazing for the westerns that how a woman from west married a local Saudi and she is loving the life in Saudi Arabia. They show their concerns that how it feels wearing Hijab, how is the weather, how often the women have to face male chauvinism etc. It ends up in suggestions to leave KSA and move to America and all like that.

It is a fact that daily life in Saudi Arabia is entirely different from the life one lives in America. It is also a fact that sometimes one has to face many inconveniences as a woman. It is also a concrete fact that keeping all these considerations in view if Saudi Arabia is approached with and open and unbiased mind everyone will come to know that life in Saudi Arabia is pretty great. Let us mention a few reasons to support this thesis.

  1. Living Standards:  Living standards are pretty much better than in United States or in any other country. This is also the reason that attracts most of the western expats to come to Saudi Arabia. Professionals having sound experience and education are offered good positions in Saudi Arabia i.e. high and tax free salaries, free education for children, luxurious housings, free tickets to visit those back at home and a standard of minimum 30 days paid vacation are the benefits that are not offered by any job back home. The living cost is very much affordable and when most of the times housing and transportation are given as art of salary very little portion of salary needs to be spent living here.
  • Arabian Cuisine:  There is no place on earth to offer such a delicious and hygienic cuisine. For instance we take Kabsa, the national dish of Saudi Arabia. It is a lavish foodstuff, a dish of rice traditionally served with delicious lamb meat, nuts and dry fruit. Traditionally it is served in a huge platter, everyone sitting around the platter and taking meat or rice as per their appetite. The taste and quality of Saudi cuisine cannot be explained without a personal experience of dining; it cannot be found anywhere else on the globe and is most missed when leaving Saudi Arabia.
  • Cultural Multiplicity:  To those who are grownup in a town in States cultural multiplicity or diversity means the black and white kids attending school together. On the other hand while living in Saudi Arabia the meanings of Multiplicity are expanded far beyond the imagination while living in that small town of America. One can have friends from almost all over the globe and from the countries one may not have heard about before coming to Saudi Arabia. People from all corners of world come here to earn a living; it is no-doubt a great place to learn about different cultures and ways of life from different origins of world.
  • Makkah and Madina: There is a plenty of reasons to suggest someone to live in Saudi Arabia, it needs hundreds of hours and thousands of pages to cover all of them. There is a variety of fascinations including charming tourist destinations like Holy  Makkah and Madinah, ancient city of Mada’in Saleh that shows country’s preIslamic history, the deserts beyond Riyadh, the worth seeing mountains of Abha and the Red Sea. No one would have spotted a camel or a family of sheep carried away in a small truck as well. Law and order situations are also better than that of any other country in world.
  • New Adventures: Every new morning is a beginning of new adventures here, meeting new people, learning new languages and trying new food. Not in even millions of years a western expat would have imagined to be living in Saudi Arabia but those who are lucky enough to be here are really thankful to life for taking them to this land of peace and prosperity.

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