Wednesday, December 10, 2014

5 Things Your Muslim Wife Won’t Tell You

I've always heard that behind every successful man there is a woman. I'm not sure whether it's really true but as much as I've observed the theory well matches the situation. For a man the most important woman is the mother but a more important companion soon becomes the wife. They must be the ideal person for the man in whom they can confide their problems and secrets. But did you think about the fact that there may be some wives who may not be able to tell their husbands about certain things?  I know it may not be fair for the husband when their wives expect them confide and share everything with them but when it's the other way around the wives usually ignore the question and make sure their thoughts remain to themselves only. This makes the husband think that there may be a certain problem that cannot be resolved creating barriers between the two. Maybe if they think of the possibility that Muslim Women are not open and confident enough to share everything with their husbands and that is not because they don't trust them but because they think it's something that they want their husbands to realize themselves!

  1. Above all, She wants your Love: I know it may be something can seem a bit too childish to think about. A Muslim wife mostly wants her husband to tell her that he loves her and respects her. That's how they will always respect their husbands and when the wives respect their husbands automatically the husbands will care for them and care for them too. In this case someone got to take the first step.
  2. She wants to be complimented: Most wives dress up and try to look their best for their husbands and it becomes a real piss off for them if all their preparations go un-noticed and un-appreciated. Husbands should complement their wives every once in a while. Show them that even if they don't get the time to look their best you're thankful for whatever she does.
  3. She needs your Attention and Care: Most Wives work tirelessly throughout the day handling the house sometimes with a full day job. In such cases when a bit of attention is not offered to them they may become a bit cranky giving them certain mood swings. Take your wives out for dinner, treat them or do something out of the blue and show them that you value them and care for them. Maybe that's how the basis of strong relationships is formed.
  4. She wants a Stable Long-term Relationship with you: Not every single marriage stays successful even after years. And sometimes maybe a marriage of three years can seem perfect already. All of this depends mainly on how much devotion and attention each of the couple pay to one another.
  5. She wants your help to be a better Muslimah: Wives will always be the ones who will have to make sure that they do not say something that will offend or cause their husbands to be upset with them. That's the basis for every Muslim Wife; to be the perfect Muslimah! They want their husbands to give them that opportunity to prove them to be perfect Muslims.

These are a few things that a Muslim Wife will never share with their husbands but in turn want them to realize themselves. Call it being shy or being attention seekers, I personally think there's nothing wrong in wanting to be the center of attention especially if it's from the right person.

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