Wednesday, December 3, 2014

6 Things to do on King Fahad Causeway to Bahrain

You know you are living in Saudi Arabia if you have crossed the Saudi-Bahrain Causeway at least once in your life! National Holidays is definitely the best time to hit the Causeway! Saudis are indeed an entertainment starved people and of course we never want to miss a chance to go to Bahrain and watch our favorite movie on the (much-missed) cinema screen once in a while or stroll freely in malls. The Causeway (our road to sweet escape) has been the center of much discussion and news due to traffic jams. After all, what else do you expect to happen when fifty thousand travelers line up to cross the highway? You know you are going to be struggling to keep your cool in a traffic jam for a good two-three hours as soon as you think about the trip! Yet, this prospect neither deters you nor the rest of the fifty thousand or so drivers from hitting the road.

6 Things to do on Causeway to Bahrain
How do Saudis kill time while they are stuck in the menacing traffic on the route to Bahrain? I am sure those of you who have traveled along the Causeway can relate full well with the following:
  1. Kids! Prepare for a picnic: Time to pack picnic baskets, roller blades and skates for children. It is time to munch on some snacks and for children to skate during the wait. You may also enjoy the stunning view of King Fahd Causeway restaurant which is perched high above the border crossing between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, over the sparkling Gulf waters.
  2. Become a fortune teller: You have plenty of time to think and forecast. Why not test your lady’s fortune telling skills by having her predict which line would be the best to ‘cut in to’, which one will be the fastest to move and which one will open up first.
  3. Not even a centimeter away: Squeeze your car to nothing less than a centimeter from the next on in your row. You would not want a smart guy to cut into your line and get ahead of you!
  4. Cut that line at the right moment: Don’t you just hate it when another driver cuts into your row to get ahead of you? In spite of this, you never leave a chance nor think twice about the other guy’s frustration before leaping into the other queue, particularly if that lane is the fastest according to your speculation. Sneakily, you often end up asking your wife to help you find a way on to cut in to the right side queue by having her stick her hand out.
  5. Letting lose the road monster: You simply cannot contain the beast within you, it all boils out when you are stuck in traffic for three hours straight. You often end up utilizing your ever growing vocabulary of cuss words and angry hand gestures. Needless to mention the immense force the poor car horn has to bear due to continuous honking.
  6. Take a chill pill: Think you can beat time and forces of nature? Sometimes it is better to be patient. Try calming your nerves by stepping out of the car and cooling your temper alongside the green grass. Let it all go! After all, you will reach the other end when you are destined to.

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