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9 Facts about World's Tallest Flagpole in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

I don't understand whether the world is in competition with itself that each and every day there come about new announcements and posts considering and relating to holding and setting out new records. My previous read was regarding the announcement of the construction of the soon to be world's tallest skyscraper but today I'll be giving you some facts about the world's tallest flagpole situated in none other than Jeddah, Saudi Arabia! Over the years the city of Jeddah has been on top of the tables for holding various records during the early 80's but as the neighboring Middle Eastern countries began to stabilize, Jeddah was unable to uphold in that field.

Facts about World's Tallest Flagpole in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  1. This Flagpole which is currently the tallest flagpole in the world is One hundred and seventy meters high upholding the Saudi Arabian national flag.
  2. This flagpole beat the previous record set in Tajikistan by merely eight meters!
  3. The Flagpole during its construction has faced many challenges and problems that mainly included being subjected to high winds constantly with fatigue loads. Another important factor was that the location of the flagpole was in a seismic zone causing a lot of problems during its construction.
  4. The initiative of the competition for the World's Tallest Flagpole began with Abu Dhabi where the record started with four hundred and four meters. Other states that became record holders include Jordan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan after it is now currently in the hands of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah mainly.
  5. The flagpole was built in three stages starting with the first stage of setting out the base with the creation of a twenty eight meter picket. The next stage involved working on the base which was Octagonal having a total length of sixteen meters in addition to the total base area of Two hundred and fifteen meters. The Final stage of the project was the vertical column (cervical to be precise) that was made up of nearly fifteen tons of Iron!
  6. This magnificent flagpole is constructed on the Tariq bin Ziyad Roundabout at the western end of King Abdullah Road just near the beginning of King AbdulAziz Street.
  7. The project was led by Abdul Lateef Jameel Community Initiatives as a gift comprehending the blissful returns of the Custodian of the two most important and Holy Mosques after he was treated and successful in his medical treatment abroad.
  8. The Flagpole is equipped with state of the art design and equipment such as an automatic hoisting system, cameras (advanced), instruments measuring wind speed and a beautiful lighting system that would be used on special occasions and days of celebrations.
  9. The Saudi Flag is flown from the flagpole that weighs nearly Five hundred and seventy kilograms.
With so many accomplishments and achievements being in capture of Saudi Arabia there is no telling what the city will do next. This flagpole symbolizes the fact that Saudi Arabia is an important part of the World that we live on and it will continue to prosper and reach horizons later onwards as well. This monument is a must see and visit. I would recommend you readers to visit this flagpole if you ever get the chance to travel to Jeddah!

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