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9 Mind-blowing Facts about Dubai, UAE

The people who live in Asia always knew that Dubai is a princess which always requires variety and like any princess, was growing-up too fast to provide it with the innovations. Westerners usually considered Dubai to be a sand pit with tents placed around as homes for Bedouins. In the last five decade Dubai has been acknowledged as a gem in the crown of the world. It is considered to be amongst world’s top 10 tourist spot, it is also considered to be a haven for realtors as well as construction contractors. We can guess this from the fact that the movie which is considered to be the blockbuster Mission Impossible 4 was shot in Dubai and featured none other than Burj-ul-Arab, the tallest building in the world. This article features the most interesting facts regarding Dubai that most people do not know.

9 Mind-blowing Facts about Dubai, UAE

BURJ KHALIFA: The Burj Khalifa stands at 828 meters tall, soaring over Dubai. It’s three times as tall as Eiffel Tower and nearly twice as tall as the Empire State building. Laid end to end it stretches over a quarter of the way around the world. Aside from holding the world record for the tallest building it holds the record for tallest free standing structure, highest number of stories, highest occupied floor, highest outdoor observation deck, elevator with longest travel distance and the tallest service elevator in the world!

CONSTRUCTION MEGNATE: Dubai is considered to be the center of construction activities in UAE. It has experienced an increase in the real estate investments from DH11 Billion in 2000 to DH165 Billions in 2014. The astounding fact is, about 30,000, or 24% of the world total of 125,000 construction cranes, are currently being operated in Dubai. Annual market demand for the machinery used in Middle East valued over DH2 Billion.

THE PALM ISLANDS: Palm Island is composed of three islands: Palm Jumeirah which is the most famous, palm Jebel Ali and Palm Diera. All three islands share their date palm tree form with a spine, fronds and a long trunk and a crescent shaped breakwater. The islands are made of 94 Million Cubic Meters of sand obtained from three massive barren sea beds in the Gulf. This amount of sand is enough to fill The Empire State building 2.5 times! The crescent surrounding the palm is built to protect the palm from the disastrous waves and is made up of huge boulders of rocks measuring 5.5 million Cubic meters and the weight of each rock is about 6 tons! This amount of boulders is enough to build 2 pyramids!

BURJ-UL-ARAB: Astounding facts about Burj-ul-Arab are:
  1. It is the tallest all-suite hotel in the world, taller than Eifel Tower and a mere 60 meters short than Empire State Building.
  2. It is so tall that deviancy in the sunset is experienced by the people residing on upper floors from those on lower floors.
  3. The rare statutario marble which is used in the walls and floors of the hotel is the marble which was used by Michelangelo to build his masterpieces.
  4. Gold is the metal used for embellishing the interiors of Burj-ul-Arab; the amount is about 1,790 cubic meters of 24-carat gold.
  5. The hotel boats one of the world’s largest fleet of none other than Rolls Royce for guest’s transfer to and from the airport or around Dubai!

POLICE WITH SUPER CARS: If you want to drive super and most expensive cars in the whole world, you just have to join the police force. Evidently the Dubai police force is building its own fleet of super cars, not to ensure the proper flow of traffic, as that is some by the super radar cameras, but to impress the tourists. According to the Dubai police chief, the ultra-expensive rides are selected to ‘acting classy with people’. The fleet consists of Aston Martin One-77 the best luxury car, a gorgeous Lamborghini Aventador, a measly BMW and a Ferrari only reserved for female officers among other super names. The cost of Aston Martin One-77 is $1.4 million.
POPULATION FLARE: According to the statistics, Dubai has seen a population flare in the last decade. It is estimated that only 10-15 percent of the population living in Dubai is the Emirati, the rest of the 85% are expatriates. The reason for such high number of expats is the increase in housing and job opportunities. Additionally the standard of living in Dubai is far greater than other Asian countries of the gulf and the sub-continent.
CAMEL RACING: Just when you thought that the most competitive sport in Dubai couldn’t get any more exciting, the owners of the purebred racing camels have gone and invented remote-control jockeys to whip their dromedaries to victory! The step to replace jockeys with human riders was to eliminate child trafficking from the third world countries. The robots are equipped with remote control whips which are carried by their controllers running along the track in their SUVs.
TRANSIT CITY FOR GOLD: Dubai became the biggest transit city in the world last year with around 40% of the global physical gold trade passing through the city at 2,250 tonnes; gold worth a total of $75 Billion was moved through Dubai in 2013.

TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED CITY: Dubai is planning to build a temperature controlled city featuring the world’s largest mall and an indoor park as well as hotels, health resorts and theatres. Already home to one of the biggest indoor shopping complexes, Dubai Mall, the developer said that they are planning to build Mall of the World. The project will comprise the largest indoor theme park under a glass dome which will be open in winters. According to Sheikh Muhammad, they want to expand beyond seasonal tourism, that’s why they are going to start working on providing pleasant temperature controlled environment all year long to boost up the tourism.


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