Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Abaya Measurement Guide

Today's read is a basic guide for what things and measurements should be taken into consideration when you wish to get yourself an Abaya stitched. For many of you who don't know what an Abaya is, let me bring it to your knowledge that an abaya is a cloak worn by women who are Muslims that covers them from head to two except for their face, hands and feet. Many of the women wear a Niqab to cover their face accompanied with black gloves to cover their hands as well. In Saudi Arabia, women who do not wear an Abaya are subjected to accusations. Thus, in Saudi Arabia a woman cannot roam about without an Abaya at all!

By the end of today's read I'll make sure that you know exactly what measurements you will need to take into consideration when giving in your Abaya for making. Let's start off with the basic that is with your neck. This measurement should be as much as that it coincides with your shoulders well and it isn't tight. With this make sure that your neck depth isn't much. Moving towards the arms your arm hole should be of a suitable measurement where you can easily move your arm up and down. Keep it loose. Similarly your arm circumference shouldn't be tight either that your arm size is denoted easily by visibility.

A better thing to keep into account is that your Abaya is basically a cloak that allows you to be covered. Keeping this in mind, make sure your bust line and hip line should be almost the same. Your cloak shouldn't be tight from either of these places. In abayas waist line isn't important. However the length of your Abaya and the length of your sleeves and cuffs are. Make sure that they cover up till your wrist and shouldn't be too long from the cuffs. The Bottom Width is idealized to be better more than the hipline and should be covering your ankles well.

That's much about it for your measurement guide. Make sure your cloth used should be simple and one which doesn't make your body parts visible. The most commonly used colors are brown and black. It's better however to make sure that your abaya should be simple without any glam. The basic purpose of an abaya is to prevent from people looking at you over and over again. Understand the basic purpose of it and get your abayas stitched in properly!

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