Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Applying for eVisa to Bahrain for GCC Residents

Bahrain is a very good place to visit if you are living in Saudi Arabia. In this article, I shall be writing about the procedure to get on arrival Evisa of Bahrain for GCC Residents (Iqama Holders). Bahrain is not very different from the land of Saudi Arabia as far as natural environment is concerned but you can enjoy more openness in Bahrain than in Saudi Arabia. People go to Bahrain many a times to visit their weekend. It is a small country with population of 1.3 million out of which half are expatriates. Capital of Bahrain, Manama is the main attraction for people travelling from Saudi Arabia. You can enjoy alcoholic drinks, girls and an open environment there. Girls don’t need to cover themselves with Abayas, they have cinemas there, waterparks where girls and boys can swim together.

Conditions for 3 days and 7 days eVisa for GCC Residents (Iqama Holders)
  1. The 3 day and 7 days eVisa for GCC Residents (Iqama Holders) is only granted subject to the following terms and conditions;
  2. Visa Application fee for for GCC Residents (Iqama Holders) is BD 2 and eVisa fee is BD 10 for 3 days and BD 15 for 7 days. In total BD 12 or BD 17 needs to be paid online at the time of applying for eVisa. The application fee is not refundable under any circumstances. The eVisa fee may be refundable under some circumstances. Payment of an application fee does not guarantee approval of a eVisa. Holding a eVisa does not guarantee you entry to the Kingdom of Bahrain. You must meet all of the conditions on arrival to be granted entry, at the discretion of an Immigration Officer. The eVisa is issued on the Internet and the eVisa fee is paid on the Internet, and no receipt is issued.
  3. Passport must be valid for length of time you will be in Bahrain, or the length of the eVisa, whichever is longer. If your passport validity is in doubt, you may be denied entry to Bahrain. However, it is better to go there if your passport has at least 6 months validity.
  4. Applicant must have had a current resident permit (Iqama holder) of a GCC state for at least 6 months. Applicant's resident permit (Iqama) for a GCC state must be valid for at least another 6 months. You must bring residence permit along with you.
  5. Validity of on arrival e-visa of Bahrain for GCC Residents (Iqama Holders) is 30 days. This means the eVisa must be used within 30 days of approval. If the eVisa expires before use by the applicant, the sponsor must apply again, and another fee must be paid.
  6. You must enter Bahrain through the airport. You cannot use this eVisa to enter Bahrain via the King Fahad Causeway. There is a separate procedure to enter from King Fahad Gateway which has been explained in this link “On Arrival Visit eVisa of Bahrain through Causeway for Iqama Holders”
  7. You must not take up paid employment during your visit to Bahrain. You must be able to support yourself (and any dependents) during the visit. Visitor must have a valid confirmed onward ticket to leave Bahrain.
  8. Length of stay allowed is 3 days. The eVisa can be used only once, for a single entry.

Procedure to Apply for eVisa of Bahrain for GCC Residents (Iqama Holders)
First of all open the official website for eVisa of Bahrain. You can open it by clicking on this linkOfficial Website of eVisa of Bahrain”. A page will appear where you will have to enter all the required details. It is actually a full procedure which you will have to follow. I have attached the screenshots below which can help you in accomplishing the procedure to apply for eVisa of Bahrain for GCC Residents (Iqama Holders)


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