Sunday, December 7, 2014

Arabic to English Translation Mistakes (Blunders)

Some translations made by the Arab people amuse me the most in Saudi Arabia. It will be unfair to associate it with Arabs only, people from all around the world who don’t have English as their basic language gang rape it while translating. Since, I am living in Saudi Arabia so I am sharing with you some Arabic to English translation mistakes. These are few pictures which have already been available on internet but I have just compiled them for you. I bet you will not be able to stop your smile while looking at these pictures.

A new tanker arrived in Qatar, the newly appointed American manager told the local supervisor to ensure that the tanker is clearly labeled:
“Diesel Fuel” in Arabic & “No Smoking” in Arabic
This is what he did……..

I do not know what have they done with its translation, even Google Translator could have done better translation. “Replace Abdullah”

Murdered Chicken is available for sale on this shop rather slaughtered

Hahaha “One” and “Men” both at the same time?

Beware of your Abaya and Children should have been written. You can understand this is not the mistake of translator. It is done by the auto correct tool of the MS Word.

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Clinic, a very popular service in Saudi Arabia

No Smoking Sign with an Ashtray below

Ahaaaan, Barking is not allowed here

Jents Path Room in place of Gents Bath Room

Saudi Arabia is the only country to sell “Chicken Tights”

Boneless LAMP and LAMP meat, what is LAMP?

On the wall in a restaurant: Listing cities around the world - see Madrid on the bottom line

Laundry Service is available for Cars – first to introduce in the universe
Evil Saloon, what is this?
Pharmacy Situation in place of Pharmacy Parking

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