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A Guide to deal with Arrest and Detention by Saudi Police

For those of you who come in new to the Saudi Arabia there are a few most common type of offences that can lead you to be being imprisoned. Amongst these are consuming Alcohol, unmarried couples living together, possession of pornographic items and gambling. In today's post, I would make you aware of the process that should adopt if arrested or detained. The first thing to do is to inform the Consulate General immediately. If you are the one being arrested ask and request the police to make a call to the Consulate. It's best to ask for a consulate representative during your whole investigation. Well you have you hearing make sure you let the consulate know so he can be there during the time in case anything comes up.

While you are arrested call the nearest Consulate or Embassy and along with this make sure you inform your friends, family, co-workers so that they can place a call on your behalf. For this make sure you have a list and contact numbers of all your important friends in your pocket or bag. During the whole detention and arrest process you should know you rights. Such rights include that you cannot be searched without a warrant signed by the authorities. You won't be subjected to any form of physical abuse or physical harm. The law does not support for you to be tortured either. Make sure that you are provided a lawyer if you don't have one by the Police. A lawyer will represent you throughout your arrest and trial period.

During your investigation never admit to a crime that you haven't committed. As I mentioned above make sure you have a consulate representative during your investigation as he can be a better judge of where the conversation is heading. Always make sure you do not sign any such document that you cannot read or understand whether in prison or not. In such cases make sure you request the police for bringing in a consulate. The similar procedure should be followed when you are detained at the police station. The only difference here is that you can place a call through your cell phone. However when the police do not have enough to file a case against you they will call the consulate themselves for assistance.

If you are in custody by prison authorities’ things can go a bit hard and unsteady. During your investigation make sure you only tell them what they ask for. Keep things straight to facts. Deny anything that you haven't said or done. Never accept anything that doesn't link to you. You should wait for the consulate representative and make sure you are prepared for your interview with them. Do not lie to them since it makes it easier for them to analyze the whole situation better and can act accordingly. If there is something very important never keep it. Tell the representative then and there only!

If you are taken to the prosecutor's office make sure you request the prison authorities to inform the consulate of your hearing date and time. If he is unable to be present take the name and room number of the judge from the jail guard. Ask for the case number and any such vital information that you can later provide to the consulate. You can request for a court interpreter if you do not understand any question. Do not answer to something you don't understand! The court interpreter will guide you respectively through what the question means and any such documents that need to be signed during hearing. While waiting for your court sentence make sure you visit your Saudi Case officer from time to time to get any updates related to your case. If they do not allow you to complain to the consulate immediately! You can communicate to your family through your consulate with letters or verbal messages. Similarly you can request the consulate to keep you updated with updates regarding your case.

While imposition of your sentence makes sure you are attentive and hearing to all the details of the proceedings of the trial. Make sure your consulate interpreter has explained you all the details well before agreeing to anything. Make sure you don't sign to anything that you don't understand. You can ask for a retrial if you aren't satisfied with your sentence. You are allowed to re appeal within thirty days during which make sure you have prepared an appeal for the Tameez Court. While appealing make sure you keep a copy of the letter that you are submitting to the Court. Wait for their decision and request the consulate representative to make meetings with the respective Saudi's concerned.

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