Monday, December 29, 2014

Banning Porm Websites would end Sex Crimes?

Abnormal secsual behaviors have been increasing all over the world. The intensity of this matter can be measured by a fact that Capital of one of the South Asian countries is termed as rabed capital. This increase in secs crimes has raised a new question that whether or not availability of pormographic content is the reason of this abnormal or unusual secsual behavior. Many people including lawyers, personals of law enforcing agencies and psychiatrists are of the view that availability of pormographic content is the reason of abnormal secsual practices and crimes. 

The debate about effects of pormographic content has different important points in due course of discussion. It includes influence of porm on committing rabed, domestic violence, and problems arising in couples regarding their conjugal rights and secsual abuse as well. A case study supports that those who are habitual of viewing explicit images can easily become tolerant to the secsually arousing images and it can directly affect their secsual response. Becoming habitual of viewing such content creates severe physical as well as emotional issues among life partners. Such men may avoid intimacy with their wives, low quality of relationship and displeasure with physical appearance of partner and the continued feelings of shame are also the direct effects of viewing that kind of content. It is also a matter of fact that the countries those have high ratio of secsual crimes are the ones having high number of viewers of pormographic videos.

Many other researchers are of the view that viewing pormographic material can cause increase in secsual crimes and violence. A shocking confession of a person who committed rabed in New Delhi supports this point of view. He in his confession stated that he rabed a 5 year old child just because he was in a state of mind after watching a pormo film. That 22 year old male lured the child with candies and committed the criminal act against her.

Some people are still of the view that such content or its private availability has nothing to do with the increase in secsual violence. They say that a bad situation of law and order is the only reason for any kind of crime. If culprits have a feeling back in their mind that there are no authorities to bring them behind the bars they can commit any kind of crime.  For instance, if it is agreed upon that such material has nothing to do with increase in figures of secsual crimes. This fact cannot be denied that availability of such material has caused disturbances in normal secsual behaviors and in level of satisfaction among couples.

It is also a concrete fact that countries those have Islamic law prevailing in their society have zero or a very less ratio of secsual crimes. Unavailability of porm films and modest dressings of people are also important factors those create a culture of Haya (modesty) in the society. Ratio of unsuccessful marriages and problems between couples are also very low because of this culture of modesty.

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