Monday, December 22, 2014

Blood Money of SR 5.1 ($1.36) million in an Accident

People usually come to Saudi Arabia from third world countries to earn money as there are no taxes in Saudi Arabia. The families of those people are dependent to them. And if by some freak accident they die in the foreign country, it becomes devastating for the family. A similar case happened in Saudi Arabia when a man named Mamdouh Al-Tuloohi was responsible for an accident which took lives of 17 Bangladeshi expatriates. The family members of the victims are no doubt devastated and demanded justice.

The families of those people have demanded blood money (Diyyah) instead of capital punishment for him. But unfortunately he is unable to pay the requisite SR 5.1 Million. The family of the culprit has tried to contact philanthropists but they are not able to collect such a huge amount.  Mamdouh Al-Tuloohi has spent past 8 years in jail because of his failure to pay the blood money. His relative Mansour said that Mamdouh’s mother is distraught and is very old. She wants to see him released. He further said that the accident was god’s will and anybody could have died in it. The government of Riyadh has set an account in Al-Rajhi Bank with the account number 101608010099990 to collect donations. I have been persuading readers of this blog to have at least third party insurance of their vehicles so that they can be compensated in such kind of events.

Well I think that the relative Mansour should keep in mind that because of the culprit 17 families lost their earners. He thinks that the culprit’s parents will die before he is released from the prison. I think that he should place himself in those family members’ place. Their son didn’t show on the doorstep either. He thinks that it is very difficult for the parents to go to another city and visit him. Well he should also consider that at least they can see his son unlike those Bangladeshi mothers. It is his fault that all those people died. He should be thankful that those families didn’t demand for the capital punishment. It is indeed a huge amount to collect for them; I think that it is a befitting punishment for him to be enslaved in the prison for lifetime.

Rash road driving and breaking the traffic laws can not only kill other people but can also become a problematic situation for the culprit. I think people should be thankful to the Saudi government that they have implemented the law of blood money. In many countries such accidents occur and those who are responsible for it are left unscathed and sometimes take run due to deficient police. Such cases become examples for the drivers, especially young drivers who want to show off their driving skill by driving rashly. Road stunts such as Road Skiing, drifting, and wheeling on a four wheeler drive are common in Saudi Arabia. The young stuntmen should heed these cases and protect the lives of public as well as their own by dropping these stunts. Maybe someone will not be as forgiving as those Bangladeshis and will demand your head instead of Blood Money.
Source: Saudi Gazette

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