Thursday, December 11, 2014

Fine of SR 500,000 to the Hospital who infected a Girl with HIV AIDS

Since the arrival of the social media, the world has become extremely small, and I don’t mean by land mass or distance, but by connections. Ever heard the saying “such a small world”? Since the social media has arrived, not only has everybody with internet connection become connected, but it has also become nearly impossible to keep something hidden for too long. The arrival of social media has also caused certain news stories or incidents to go “Viral” which basically means that hundreds of thousands of people start watching, reading or writing about something in a short period of time. Furthermore stories which are truly heart wrenching are also going viral, and in some cases going viral can save lives or bring justice.

A new sort of Viral Justice created by the Social media highlights wrong doings happening around the world in a bid to raise awareness and one such thing went Viral when a little Jazan girl named Riham Al Hakami was wrongly infused with blood which had been infected by AIDS.  The lawyer of the little girl had filed a lawsuit against the carelessness and the grave mistake committed by the Hospital and demanded that the little girl be paid a sum of SAR 50 million. The case went to trial and as a result many health officials immediately lost their jobs.

However the recent news is that the little Jazan girl will receive a compensation of SAR 500,000. Even though SAR 500,000 is a lot of money but it cannot be under any circumstances compensate the little girl which she will have to go through for the rest of her remaining life. The hospital who has directly or indirectly stolen her life by infecting her with this incurable virus was fined SAR 500,000 by the committee that was hearing this case.

The verdict of the case was announced in the conclusion hearing session and as reported by many social media groups or Blog sites, people of the social media are not at all happy about this compensation sum. Bloggers and social media users have taken to the internet to express their rejection of the verdict and have also rightly stated that had this case been in any of the western countries the girl would have received a much higher sum than what was originally asked for by the girl’s lawyer. Bloggers have written extremely emotional posts in dedication to the little girl and one which caught my eye was that the blogger wrote that every tear of this young child is worth SAR 100 million.

The family of the little girl will need a lot more than SAR 500,000 to pay the medical bills which will generate as a result of the fatal error by none other than the Hospital themselves. Is SAR 500,000 the price which has been set by these hospitals for a life of a human being?  In my personal opinion, I know that hospitals can afford to pay way more than SAR 500,000.

Source: Arab News

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