Friday, December 19, 2014

British Girl Jailed for Watching Volleyball Match

Every single day there comes up different news from different media forums from all around the globe that gain wide political and public attention. Nearly a month ago, a case broke out about a young law graduate from Britain, Ghoncheh Ghavami. This case was a bit unique and by the judging of you readers, you would probably think that it has something to do with volleyball. It may come as a shock to you but by now you readers should be used to the fact that anything I bring and compile out for you will make your eyes pop.

Twenty five years old Ghoncheh Ghavami is a Law graduate from Britain who wanted to attend a volleyball match that was to be played against Italy. She was however arrested instead. The reason behind supposedly was because that she was in the Iran where women are not allowed to mingle around. The reason that she was arrested according to many was because it isn't allowed for women to go and see matches like football and volleyball because the male fans cannot be respectful. Ghoncheh has been sentenced to prison for a year and her lawyer has stated that maybe the sentence can be lifted since she has had no criminal records ever.

As I mentioned earlier above this case has got a whole lot of political attention and the reason for this is because of her dual nationality from both Iran and Britain. Ghoncheh was arrested by the police while she was at the stadium. However she was released after few hours. What still isn't clear to me is to why was she arrested again and sentenced to prison? Her lawyer had said that the reason behind this was because of something else unrelated to the sports event. She has been sentenced for One hundred and twenty six days out of which she did a hunger strike for Fourteen days within captivity. Ghoncheh was also not allowed to meet her lawyer during this time which is against the basic human rights. In a meeting with her mother Ghoncheh told her that there weren't any new charges pressed against her.

This segregation all the around the globe infuriates me! Ghoncheh's friends have made protests and made a Facebook page calling out supporters. This type of attitude and imprisonment should not be tolerated by anyone. We are humans as well, even if we are held for sentence we must be given the right to fight for our case with a proper lawyer. This is a human right. I'm not sure what will be the possible outcome of this case but I can be certain of is that Ghavami should be served with justice. I hope and pray that everything turns out for the best for her all the other women around the world who are victimized to such brutality!

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