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Child Birth before Marriage Registration in KSA

What to do if my child is born before registering marriage in Saudi Arabia?

Question by Visitor
I have more not the less case here and I wanted your advice on it. My wife is under her father’s iqama and she gave a birth of our baby boy almost 4 years ago (we had marriage in our native country). In this time, we have tried many options to legalize our position but wasn't successful. We wasted a lot of money to buy azad visa twice. Recently one company has hired me and couple of people suggested that I should come to Saudi Arabia on job visa than first take my wife under my iqama than my son will come under my sponsorship with late fees.  So tell me is this workable? Please keep in mind that I have registered marriage certificate of my native country, my son national identity card from embassy and I also have hospital birth certificate with my name, passport detail, my wife name and her iqama number on it. Or if you have any other solutions so please let me know. I know the case is quite typical but I have to rescue my family from this situation anyway.

Answer by Steve
Let me clarify your case. Your status of residence in Saudi Arabia is illegal. Your wife is under sponsorship of your father in law but your son does not have any iqama. If you will take your wife under your Iqama, what about your son? Authorities do not consider him your son here in Saudi Arabia if you do not have Iqama. The better solution is to come on new job visa, send your family back to your country, apply for new permanent family visa once you are here and bring your family back to Saudi Arabia on new visa. This is the legal way.

However, after coming back on new job visa to Saudi Arabia, you can talk to government relations officer of your company about your status. If he has some links in Jawazat to legalize the birth and status of your son, it would be awesome. But it will require greasing money. I hope I have clarified your points. Second method is better if it is possible.

Comment by Visitor
Thank you for your response and up to some extent I got my answer and I need little more clarification. Yes you are right and my wife is under sponsorship of my father in law but my son does not have any iqama but FYI, currently I am not residing in Saudi Arabia. (I was on visit visa at the time of birth). I have one question after reading your second para that is it possible to send back my wife and son to my native country (Pakistan) even my son dont have Iqama? If yes so How? (PS: I am not residing in Saudia). Secondly, I am coming on new and first job soon in Saudi Arabia so will it necessary to send back both of them first to Pakistan? or will I transfer my wife and son on my Iqama by using some links and money? Jazak Allah khair for helping me and others!

Answer by Steve
Yes it is possible to send back your family back to Pakistan but it will require a bit hard work. You will have to go to Embassy and MOI and bla bla. But it will be done. There is no problem with your wife, you can get her under your sponsorship but the complication is due to your son and as I already mentioned, try to talk to government relations officer of your company once you are settled. Do not tease them too much. They are Saudis so talk to them only when you are settled in your company lets say after spending 3,4 months. Meanwhile keep on living with your family.

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