Monday, December 8, 2014

Crime Rate in Saudi Arabia

The rate of crime in Saudi Arabia is often described as low by foreign ministries and other sources, however the Actual crimes rate may be a slight higher as criminal complaints are sometime resolved outside formal judicial institutions or otherwise unreported. Even when the complaints are resolved out of court sometimes, Saudi Arabia is undoubtedly one of the safest places to live in the entire world. It is perhaps safer than USA and many other countries. It is backed by the statement by the director of Saudi Forensic Medical Association in an article subjected ‘Kingdom has world’s lowest crime rate’. However, just like any other country of the world, some criminal events take place in the streets and we shall be talking about these street crimes today.

The victims most commonly in these situations are expatriates but the perpetrator of the crimes are also expatriates. The statements taken by the victims reveal that black teenagers are responsible for these crimes usually. They are armed with knives most of the times; therefore the victims surrender their belongings without much protest. One victim said that once the case is reported to the Saudi Police, they leave no stone unturned to catch the groups involved in such criminal cases. The problem is that expatriates who are looted don’t report the incident to the police station. I have personally witnessed some cases in which quick action was taken by Saudi Police to arrest full gang of criminals and recover the money. I have also explained it in this link “Alarming Kidnapping in Jeddah”.

From last few years, police patrolling is increased in Riyadh and Jeddah. According to the Riyadh police, they have been conducting raids to nab the criminals. They further said that a gang of 14 criminals of various nationalities was busted. They were responsible for carrying out more than 100 robberies and muggings in the capital. It’s not only the streets of Riyadh or Jeddah which have been made safe for the residents of Saudi Arabia by the dedication of Saudi Police, it is reported that around 2000 undercover policemen and 2000 camera are placed in the Grand Mosque (Haram) to catch pickpockets. The people who come for pilgrimage often carry their whole cash with them; they are in such fervor that they fail to protect their belongings and cash, therefore the government placed policemen for their protection.

The types of crime which are prevalent in Saudi Arabia are theft which occupies 47% of total reported crime. Drug trafficking of cocaine, marijuana and psychedelic drugs is prevalent but it is considered a capital crime. Murder which is also a capital crime, though rate lowest on the scale but it is an active crime. The reason why Saudi police has controlled crime rate in Saudi Arabia is mainly because one thing for sure is that, if caught, the Saudi government does not pardon. They will be punished unless and until the victims themselves do not waive off the crime.


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