Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dangerous Drifting Culture in Saudi Arabia

For many of us who picture Saudi Arabia to be one of those few countries where the word ‘fun’ doesn't exist, may have to re think their views and statements after what I'm about to share with them today. For all you readers, today I've brought up something you'll be shocked to read. Maybe you won't be able to picture it for days but you'll need to visit Saudi Arabia to see it and believe it. Ever heard about car drifting? Ever seen it? If not, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be the best destination to observe it! When I first heard about car drifting and that too common amongst the youth of Saudi Arabia I couldn't believe my ears but it is true and I had to comprehend to it.

For many of us who thought that Saudi Arabia is a land with rules, laws and regulations it may become a shocker to hear that the country does not have many extracurricular activities in their schools curriculum. With this the reason becomes justified as to why the youth of the state uses drifting as a way to keep them busy. Saudi Arabia is one of the most important consumers for car parts and now I can visualize as to why their inspiration came about. Maybe if cars didn't exist they would have used camels instead to utilize their time. Life in Saudi Arabia has always been different and difficult. No matter how many developments have come about and no matter what the world thinks of Saudi Arabia to be it is pretty obvious that Saudis have ample of free time since they don't have hobbies to utilize it with. Instead they use Drifting to pass their time.

I was looking for the answer of a big question, whether they could possibly learn to drift if they did not have a car? The answer was yes. The Solution for this was not renting a car to fulfill their desire but start camel drifting. I'm not sure whether Saudi's provide training and classes to someone who wishes to learn how to drift. Or maybe even provide an institution offering a degree after learning how to drift at different angles and varying speeds. That would have been very cool no!? Indeed! I don't think it's a safe way for using drifting as an ideal way to utilize ones free time.

One mistake here and maybe you'll probably be bound with all the time of the world. No wonder Saudi's are used to defensive driving in the first place. If you have lost your car do not worry much. Just search the city and you'll find it after a few days with maybe a few scratches or maybe missing a headlight if you're lucky enough. If you want to continue drifting I suggest you do it somewhere where others don't get hurt. That's all for this read everybody. Now I would want to try out how to drift one's vehicle instead of using my own, Ha!

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