Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Divorce Parties gaining popularity in Saudi Arabia

Divorce is an event which is emotionally and financially purging. USA has the highest rate of divorce in the whole world. It is estimated to be more than half of the marriages in a year. Men and women in America have been celebrating their divorces for a long time now. The usual celebration includes friends, family; a divorce cake with wicked themes, strip clubs and lots of alcohol. Females usually indulge in a new makeover to indicate a change in life. Divorce has been traditionally viewed as a negative outcome in a Saudi society. However for an increasing number of women, it’s an event that puts an end to a life of misery and offers hope for a brighter future. The divorce parties, like the entire world are gaining popularity in Saudi society.

They have taken a step forward and arrange it in the marriage halls like wedding; a divorcee wears either red dress or a white dress. This party is attended by friends and family members making it an elaborate affair. It is a controversial event and many frown upon it. An Arabic psychologist evaluated that such parties carry dual message for the society: the riddance of oppressive and abusive behavior of a husband and joy at the end of failed marriage. It is a common consensus that women who celebrate divorces are doing so to show nonchalance as well as presenting a brave front to the society.  A member of the Society for Human rights states that the reason for divorce parties is that it is extremely difficult for women to get a divorce in Saudi Arabia and hence, when they do succeed they celebrate to show their success and freedom.

Many people think that partying is not a socially and religiously acceptable thing to do after getting a divorce. According to them it is not a happy occasion for women because in Saudi society no woman would want to return to her parents’ home as a divorcee. According to a Shariah professor, “a divorce is a social atrocity even if it’s a happy occasion for the divorcee. Women should be more aware and knowledgeable about this that misery will catch up after the celebration.” A divorce party can be a sensitive thing if there are kids involved in a divorce and a woman has to be sensitive of their feelings. Though a divorce is between a husband and wife it is the offspring that suffers most.

Well those who are against it, I would like to create a scenario for them, please be empathic about it. Suppose it’s your daughter who is married to a sadistic man who tortures her physically and mentally. After some years of struggle finally she was able to get a divorce. Will you not be celebrating along with her? When we are happy we celebrate similarly, for women who are in such relationships divorce is a cause of celebration.

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