Thursday, December 4, 2014

Domestic Violence Law in Saudi Arabia

Just like divorce cases in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, domestic violence has risen to dangerous levels. Women have greatly affected by these violence cases. They have been suffering from trauma of male superiority and are deprived from their various inherent rights and possession as inferred by Islam. In order to prevent domestic violence cases, it is necessary to stop these cases on immediate basis. This practice is bringing bad fame for Kingdom from rest of the world regarding suppression of women rights. For prevention of these cases a new act has been introduced in Saudi cabinet regarding domestic violence acts. This act is expected to take effect from beginning of coming Rabi Al Awal from 23rd December 2014. The final draft of Saudi act has been examined by council and it is expected that the practical implementation will be started from coming month.

By implementation of these acts it is expected that major cases regarding violence of women would be resolved and minimized in coming period. Major violence cases were reported about harassment and assault of women in Saudi Arabia so the major activities of this act will cover women protection cases. Ministry of justice and social affairs has issued notification of this domestic violence acts due to increasing number of cases regarding women violation in Kingdom. According to this act women can report any kind of complaint just through a phone call. Complaint cell would have to respond to these phone calls without any discrimination or pre-condition. Police force will take immediate actions on these complaints and will arrest accused man or any party at the spot without any hesitation. This law resembles with women and citizen protection acts in practice in Europe and other western countries.

It is expected that by implementation of these laws a large number of violation cases would be resolved without any further increment in violating activities. This act represents the active protection cells of Saudi Arabia related to safety and related needs for women, children and expatriates residing in Kingdom without any kind of discrimination. The act is based on modern principals of safety and law as implemented in developed countries of world. The reporting party can be itself a victim or anyone who has come to know about any violating acts in society. The act has clauses regarding assurance to hide the identity of any person who reports any violation act in Kingdom. Not only this, victim will be provided with complete security, physical and psychological safety, treatment in any regard and any other kind of assistance as required by victim.

The accused person will be arrested and after proving it in court that he has actually committed a violating act, he will be punished with fine, physical punishments and charges regarding imprisonment. Recently 454 women violation cases were reported which are far less than actual violation acts which are never reported on police station or any law making authority. These cases comprises of Saudi as well as non-Saudi cases. Saudi women were about 234 and 220 cases were reported for expatriate women in Kingdom. This is not the end major cases i.e. 314 were reported in sacred city Makah and rest were from Riyadh and Eastern province. It is expected that after enactment of this act these cases will mitigate to a great extent in Future.

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