Sunday, December 7, 2014

Egyptian Girl Raped just outside her flat – Be Careful!

As the world progresses on now, we may think that so are the people and their state of thought progressing just as much. However it becomes a great shock when news such as women being raped or children targeted to child abuse comes up even in today’s time. My job is to deliver and report my views on certain issues that are a matter of discuss. Matters that should be a matter of thought and jolting down Ideas related to the problems of the twenty first century. What I’m trying to bring in today is something that made me wonder how people can be so heartless and pathetic. Even in this modern Era where developments are being taken into consideration every hour round the clock worldwide but some people are just stuck in their own time. Time that I believe shouldn’t exist in the first place.

Not a while ago I was watching Television for a headline that stated and reported that an Egyptian Girl of the age of five was raped outside her very own apartment in Kuwait. For a minute I just couldn’t say or comprehend to the flashy words and sentences that appeared on the large screen.  As I did understand the situation properly there was nothing more I could do than switch off the Television. I observed the time after that alone. Instead of studying I wanted to know more to the story. When I tried there was nothing I found. Absolutely NOTHING. This was a matter of great attention and it was a shame that it wasn’t even on the web. No information related to it. After a lot of digging I finally found some information that highlighted the fact that the girl was alone in her apartment when her father had left her for the afternoon prayers. Some magazines had stated that she had sneaked out of her apartment following her father when a man had taken her of hold and raped her.

She was found in a very serious and critical condition. She was found under the stairs in a pool of blood. The doctors had later put her in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) as well. However there were no more updates related to whether the girl survived or whether how she had carried on. That’s all I could know and that was more than enough for me to know that the World we live in isn’t at all safe neither for us nor for our family or friends. Things like this bring me to tears and make me wonder how disastrous this world can be.

The five year old girl who may have colored the world on paper using crayons may not be able to picture the world with picture at all. She wouldn’t have even known what calamity had struck her or how disastrous this event may have been for her. What I really wanted to know was the reaction of her father to this entire situation. Did he blame himself for not locking his baby girl inside before leaving? Did he have the guilt that all of this happened because of him? Maybe. I’m sure he did. No parent could do something like this one their own now could they? My basic message through this read is to make you readers aware of the fact that the world isn’t as safe as we think it is. It’s our responsibility to keep our people safe. Our children safe. Take responsibility. Take Care!

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