Saturday, December 6, 2014

Email Etiquettes in Saudi Work Environment

Communication is one of the basic things one must have established at workplace, education and social circle in order to excel in today’s market.  Email is the basic channel of official and even some form of informal communication despite of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. by extensive and excessive usage of gossip messenger and text message it seems quite easy and smooth for anyone to write an Email just like a text message. Mostly people don’t give attention to email formalities despite of its formal nature and requirements for official purposes. It is recommended to take into account 7 basic email etiquettes while writing an Email.

  1. Precise subject line: Mostly people send emails without adding subject of mail, despite of a box allotted for this purpose. They don’t care about putting a specific subject which creates much confusion at the edge of recipient. Mostly readers don’t even bother to read emails without subject line as they consider it waste of time and energy. Sender must put a suitable and precise subject for text.
  2. Formal email address: The first impression is the last impression. This concept is prevalent worldwide. Those email addresses which don’t have an authentic or formal ID are often not considered important by recipient. It results in total or partial ignorance of message sent. A recipient must adopt professional Email address.
  3. Be careful about "Reply" and "Reply all" options: Senders don’t care about these two clear options and it majorly affects confidentiality of email addresses. This is a very common mistake especially in Middle East and Saido Arabian natives. It sends all those messages which must be between two people, to all recipients available in Email contact list. This way professional reputation is being affected.
  4. Punctuation Errors: Punctuation marks are considered a must for formal Email messages. Especially lengthy Email messages must be punctuated even with more care as it is impossible for readers to get the required message in case punctuation marks and spacing is not properly put in message. Punctuation marks should be suitably used in order to present message more effectively
  5. Do Care for Cultural concerns: A written message lacks facial expressions and body language of sender. This absence of nonverbal communication creates a huge misunderstanding in case Email messages are exchanged between members belonging to different cultures. While writing an Email for another culture recipient, do care about cultural concerns and adapt your message accordingly.
  6. Timely respond to you E-mails: Each and every Email message must be replied, no matter how much emails you are getting in day. Otherwise it main create a communication gap and may affect essence of correspondence rhythm.
  7. Proof read your E-mail: It is recommended to proofread a formal and even informal Email message before finalizing it for sending purpose. This care saves you from later headache in case wrong message is being communicated. It also builds up your credibility on the edge of recipient regarding your future communication with them.


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