Friday, December 12, 2014

Etiquettes of asking for a Salary Raise from Employer

At the time of recruitment various employers promise salary raise in case performance is well done during probationary periods.  In case the work went beyond expectations and an employee is satisfied with his performance and wants a raise in his salary he would approach his employer. The biggest obstacle in approaching an employer for this purpose is the hesitation of an employee that it would offend employer. This is not the actual solution; one can follow a compact way to ask for salary raise. In order to ask for desired level of raise in salary, one must sure of various things before setting any requisition in front of his employer. Following things must be taken care of before asking any raise in salary by employee. We can say that these are the etiquettes of asking for a salary raise from employer.

Etiquettes of asking for a Salary Raise from Employer
  1. Look up options available: In case you want a win situation for salary raise and it is expected that the employer would reject it, the safe side is to do it when you have another better option. A back up plan is necessary for successful operations. You can negotiate with your employer on this term that in case raise is not possible you better go for a new option. Don’t use this attempt in case you don’t really have a better option.
  2. Get information about company payroll rules: Get to know on what basis and after how much duration you company offers raise in salary. Inquire human resource management’s rules and regulations in order to get prepared for an accurate estimate about raise possible by employer in the light of company policies
  • Make reasonable expectations: Make rise estimates by considering resources and capital available to company and effectiveness and rate of its profitability. Wait for best timing for salary raise requisition. In case you ask for a raise when company is facing unfavorable loss, it would not be possible for employer to respond to your request positively.
  • Evaluate market value available for you: Before asking for raise in salary, one must have an extensive analysis about his skills and abilities and market offers available for such level of skills and qualifications. Markets normally set their dynamics on international wage rules. Follow and inquire these rules and make a requisition for salary raise according to market available for you. It will enhance your prudence level by neither underestimating nor overestimating your skills and capabilities for a desired designation.
  • Consider looking for another job: In case work is understated than your capabilities and experience level, it’s better to look up new and better opportunities available in market. It will not only expand your exposure to working skills but would also enhance your confidence on your power and qualifications. Try to stick to current job until learning process is not finished. Be patient and wait for right time. Till than enhance your knowledge and experience level.  In case after a reasonable span of time company is not willing to raise your salary package, it is recommended to have a better opportunity somewhere else for same or different designation.

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