Saturday, December 13, 2014

Facebook and Twitter Users – Be Careful in Saudi Arabia

Some days ago I shared a story of the Internet User who was jailed for Ten Years by Saudi Court for sharing contents on social media and on his blog which were against Islam and Saudi Government. The purpose of sharing that story was that you be aware of this kind of punishments so that you don’t become the victim as that guy became. Saudi Authorities have zero tolerance against the contents published against Islam and their Kingdom. They have solid network of detectors whose primary duty is to find such kind of people. This is only one example; I have also heard that so many other people were sentenced to punishment for sharing inappropriate contents on social media. It is my strong suggestion to all my readers to not to spread any content against Islam or Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Respecting Islam is your moral duty and living in a country demands that you respect that country and their government.

My understanding from this story was that the person who initially shared the content against Saudi Government or Islam is only liable for the content he has shared and other people who further share it are less likely to be responsible. But this understanding proved wrong when Arab News shared an article on Feb 09, 2014 that Retweeters of the Tweets on Twitter and people who share the contents on Facebook are equally liable for the content they are sharing as original person who started it. It means this kind of action can be taken against you as well.

A prominent legal consultant Humoud Al-Khaldi has warned that Twitter users who retweet abusive or offensive tweets will be liable to the same punishment as the original posters of such remarks. Humoud Al-Khaldi said that penal action would be taken against offenders in compliance with Article 6 of the Anti-Cyber Crime Law, which stipulates that anyone involved in the production, transmission or storage of material infringing on public order, religious values or privacy would be sentenced to a maximum of five years in prison or a maximum fine of SR3 million or face both forms of punishment.

Source: Arab News


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