Thursday, December 4, 2014

Female Saudi Student died, after male nurse denied access to University

It honestly stops me and affects me when I think about what part I am doing in this big universe. For many of us we believe that every human is here because he has been assigned to do a special job by the Creator. Sometimes when I come across some events or incidents that shake me and make me want to question myself firstly and then those are supposed to be questioned. What had they done wrong? Why is life not as simple as we paint it to be or describe it in paragraphs or stories? Every time I wish to ask this question but the answer I get is always a space with no words because nothing I do or say will change what has happened and what continues to happen.

On usual basis I make aware of my readers of events and incidents that make them want to think about the possible causes. Today however the incident I would like to make you aware of is the incident in Saudi Arabia that has caused an uproar and outrage scenario amongst many! Not a while ago there had been a similar incident in which 15 young girls had lost their precious lives on the account of a University Campus being on fire. The young women waited to be rescued but those in charge delayed their rescue merely on the fact that they were not dressed properly and were not veiled according to the standards of their genuine customs. This event and delay to save their Modesty caused the death of 15 valuable lives all for the gain of nothing. No one asked and supported the fact the Campus in charge had saved their modesty, all what was noted and accounted was the fact that twenty two different families had to burry down their precious daughters.

Recently again a similar incident took place all for nothing. It was thought that after so many lives lost people will actually value lives more than their modesty but again nothing has they learned. A University Student who had a known Heart Disease by the name of Amna Bawazeer studying at the King Saudi University died of a Major heart attack. This girl did not know what was coming. She cried and needed medical attention then but the campus coordinators and others in charge delayed for calling paramedic help by thirty minutes! The Reason behind this was the fact that Amna was not veiled properly. When the paramedics arrived outside the campus they were not allowed to enter in because it was an all-female campus and they denied males to enter. Amna died on the 16th of February 2014, two hours after her heart attack. No one could come forward then and speak because her colleagues had to continue on their teaching from the University.

After this incident there has been a petition made available online by the name of “Save my life ,then my Modesty” because the people who have created this petition know well that each life for every human counts! I won’t force anyone to change their opinion or their thought but maybe every time we think about the lost lives we should know that there was nothing gained but the outrage of the effected families and citizens. Even Islam permits the male doctors or nurses to check the female in case it is needed. Here it was the matter of saving a life and according to Islam saving a life is more important than anything.
 Source: Gulf News

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