Saturday, December 20, 2014

Fine of SR 30,000 on throwing a chewing gum on Road

I always wondered what Saudi Arabia does for its citizens and its people when it comes to keeping their country clean. I'm sorry. Why would I question the country and not the people themselves? On many forums and certain platforms I think about the fact that why do people complain and criticize their authorities and laws rather than trying to correct themselves first? On separate places I've always come across the fact that we find every possible to blame the authorities for not giving their citizens a cleaner road, a better garden or a cleaner country. 

In today's read I would like to address you people towards the fact that is it okay for you to question the law makers if you yourself don't follow them? In a study I observed that Singaporeans do not sell Chewing Gum. That was a very odd thing to come across since Chewing Gum is found everywhere. After researching at different places I came about to the fact that there is a certain ban on selling chewing gum. The reason behind the ban in Singapore is that people chew gum and throw it on the streets that is very to get off the roads and sidewalks. Instead they placed a ban and anyone who throws out chewing gum is fined by nearly SR 30,000/- Even Willie Wonka's chewing gum wouldn't have cost anyone that much if it existed that is. Ha!

What I'm extremely pleased with is the fact that the Singapore have put out laws for their country that can help to keep everything in place and make sure that the citizens have a good idea of their responsibility for their country. If such laws and regulations were put in other countries, I'm probably sure people would have been happier and the countries would have been cleaner. What is wrong that people BEG the government to make and imply such laws? Why would you wait for a law to be provided and not follow something like this yourself? You won't stand in front of a moving car and expect the driver to stop every time. One moment you'll probably just go flying off in the air.

In The United Kingdom there are fines for littering which are followed by the people. Thus you would observe how much people value the laws of the kingdom. If only people understood the truth that our country is our responsibility. Sure providing laws that can be implied by the people can help but it doesn't mean that without these certain laws and bans our country can't be cleaner. They can. We just have to take the first step to ensure that. If you don't find a dustbin near you and you wish you throw something make sure you carry it with you. Teach your children that your country is your home too.

If you can stop them from littering around the house make sure that you tell them that never to throw wrappers out on the streets and roads. If you wish to ask me why should we follow when others don't think about the fact that people who stand about from the crowd are always recognized? Your acts won't ever go un-noticed. Soon enough people will follow you. Make sure you make it a practice that you know exactly how valuable your country is to you. Soon enough the government may just follow you up!

Source: Saudi Gazette

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