Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Free of Cost - Transfer of Sponsorship for Employees of Projects

Council of Ministers has passed a regulation according to which fee for transfer of sponsorship of the expatriates who were hired for project will be borne by the Saudi government if some conditions are fulfilled. The expatriate workers including supervisors, technicians, laborers and other employees who were hired specifically for the projects but stalled later on due to any reason can change their sponsorship to new project. The fee for the transfer of sponsorship will be directly borne by the government of Saudi Arabia.

Conditions for the Free of Cost Transfer of Sponsorship for Employees of Projects

  1. The transfer of sponsorship from the old employer will only be made if the new contractor is in need of him. In other words, it means that the employees of the projects who are stalled should look for the jobs in Saudi Arabia. The best ways to search for a job in Saudi Arabia have been explained in this link “Howto Search for Job in Saudi Arabia”.
  2. Moreover, permission of the old contractor will also be required to get the sponsorship transferred to new employer.
  3. Salaries and benefits paid by the new contractor cannot be less than the benefits paid by the previous employer unless both parties agree to it.
  4. Source: Saudi Gazette

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