Tuesday, December 9, 2014

7 Futoor Tips during Ramadan in Saudi Arabia

As promised I'm back again with my new read. In this read my emphasis is to continue on the importance of diet during the Holy Month of Ramadan. Ramadan is one of the most important months of the Islamic Calendar where Muslims offer their prayers and a lot extra of worship by abstaining from all evil acts and food. This is a way of devoting their part to the idea that Muslims are considerate towards the poor and they know exactly how much sacrifices they have to make to eat at least once a day. By fasting from Sunrise to Sunset Muslims thank their Allah for all the mercies he has bestowed upon them, given them goods to eat and blessed His people with uncountable bounties.

Futoor Tips during Ramadan in Saudi Arabia
  1. In this month however many people forget that this month is not just about eating. This month should be devoting more towards worshipping more than anything else. Usually the biggest hustle before sunrise is what should be eaten at the time of Fujoor.
  2. In many homes preparation for Iftaar begins at the time of Zuhr only which I think is the biggest mistake some Muslims do. They should be using this time for praying and worshipping. Rather they are worried about whether they should have curry or something continental. In this read my main objective is to bring to your about the proper diet for Ramadan.  
  3. Well firstly something which is found at the time of Iftaar is how fast everyone starts to eat as if the food will run away. That's the biggest mistake of all to get full all of a sudden and later becoming so lazy that they cannot even move to offer the prayers.
  4. To help you guys, I would just share my usual routine for Ramadan. During this month my mother and I enter the kitchen after offering Asr and trust me if you think it's not enough time to get things ready, it is! During that period we get one proper meal along with fruits and juices and something for starters such as nuggets or samosas. Iftar isn't about filling the table with every single type of food you like. It's just necessary to have all the right components on the table that will keep you healthy and can make you get back all your body levels back in track. That's it.
  5. Once or twice at an Iftaar get together I was shocked to observe how the children of the particular household filled their plates with everything that was available ten minutes before the Azaan being called. Another thing that shook me was how much food they tried to stuff in their stomachs without even taking a minute to breath. I would emphasize that you should chew your food properly and take at least a twenty second gap before taking in your next spoonful. You would not want to keep hitting the toilet every once in a while now would you?
  6. Be slow and patient while eating. Make sure that you know exactly that you need your time for your body to react to the intake. The best way is to open your fast with a date and a little water. A date can bring your sugar levels back to normal and can allow your body to intake the salts and spices properly.
  7. So for the next time you fast make sure you remember the turtle who slowly and steadily won the race but here in this case he'll just have a good healthy body and trust me that am a better achievement!
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