Friday, December 12, 2014

6 Tips to Avoid Sexual Harassment by Taxi Drivers

Girls have always been prohibited by their parent to travel alone in taxis in Saudi Arabia because you cannot trust a strange driver and it’s very difficult to escape in case of any harmful incident. But when a similar situation arose in Egypt, a girl chose to jump off the taxi to protect her. Spokesman of the police department informed the media that the girl emerged unscathed physically from the jump. But the psychological impact of the incident will be undoubtedly strong. Harassment is an ongoing evil in the world since a long time and it is independent of development of a country.

The cases of harassment are as common in first world countries as in third world countries. Because of above mentioned situations females prefer personal drivers to the taxis where you cannot be sure of the drivers. But it is not easy for everyone to afford personal driver. Investigations of females kidnapping cases reveal most of the time involvement of taxi drivers. Upon research, it has been found that the taxi drivers become aggressive and harass the victims to increase the fixed fares. On the other hand it is one of the most common types of harassment i.e. sexual harassment. It has also been found that homeless girls in Kuwait are forced into prostitution by taxi driver because they got a portion of the profits for commuting the girls.

The victims might escape the physical trauma of the situation but the mental trauma might be permanent. It may damage their confidence and they might never go out alone. Especially if the victim is a teenage girl then her fledgling confidence will be nipped in the bud. After such situations most of them suffer from severe depression and may have nightmares. Mostly teenagers and majority of the females are dependent on the taxis for commuting, due to this reason the harassment by the taxi drivers should be investigated and kept under check. Otherwise, this situation will escalate to a higher extent.

How to Avoid Sexual Harassment by Taxi Drivers?
  1. Girls should send the Taxi number to one of their relatives like brother, sister as soon as they sit in the taxis. Taxi number is normally written inside taxi as well.
  2. Taxi companies should choose their drivers with good credentials and licenses must be mandatory for driving taxis.
  3. Any complaints filed against the taxis should be reported to police immediately and police should conduct prompt investigation.
  4. Taxis should have identification which makes it easy to spot, because such drivers escape on hot heels if the woman shouts for help.
  5. It is the responsibility of the government and moral obligation of the taxi companies owners to prevent this situation.
  6. It is also prime responsibility of the victim to report such cases to the taxi company and to the police immediately.

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