Sunday, December 28, 2014

Girls’ Dance in Jeddah Amusement Park

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has Islamic laws as its legal system. State authorities are given task of enforcing Islamic Laws in every walk of life. The Jeddah municipal authority has shut down a famous entertainment center on grounds of violations being reported by the religious police HAIA. Violation included dancing of girls publically and they were also dressed inappropriately. Media reports explain that the said center will remain closed for a whole week, this punishment is imposed on the entertainment center because the administration of this enter failed to make corrections according to the complaints by the President of an authority termed as Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (HAIA). Most of the violations took place on Tuesdays which are restricted to entry of women only.

Director of municipality’s media department, Mohammed Al-Buqmi explained the reasons of closure of the amusement center and said that they failed to address the various complaints raised by the president of HAIA. General Supervisor of game operations at the closed entertainment center Haifa Al-Maliki put forward the opinion of the center she maintained that the number of visitors on Tuesday is equal to the number of visitors of the whole week. She said in a press briefing that the administration of park always abide by the land laws and try their level best to control the situation, even they ban entry of visitor if any violation is committed. Most of the problems relate to carelessness of some visitors on Tuesday that is specified to entry of women only. The problems were created by the girls who ignored regulations and wore immodestly and danced in public.

Haifa Al-Maliki said she always tries to minimize the conflict situations as much as possible. According to her it is a fact that it is not an easy job for them to report the girls who come with their mothers, and many times advice works more than a punishment. Female security guards are not deployed on women’s day, so she herself looks over the matters.

The general supervisor said that she will try her level best to employ Saudi women to control the amusement park on Tuesdays. She told that a total of about 21 non-Saudi women operate the games in the entertainment center. All these female operators are trained well. Special attention is paid on their training and they are fully aware as to how the equipment can be operated and how the maintenance can be done. They are also given complete training so that they can control the equipment if there is any unexpected situation, precious lives cannot be handed over to someone who does not know how to operate the equipment.

After closure of this park for a week, some people have started spreading hatred content against the Islamic laws in KSA in context that it is conservative behavior towards wellbeing of women. One shall keep in mind that the park was not given a lifetime ban rather the administration is given a warning by banning the park for a week. Secondly the park was not closed because they entertained women but it was closed after immodest dressing of some women and their behavior against prestige of women.

Source: Arab News

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