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Guidelines by MOFA for Travelers of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is very caring for its residents whether they are inside or outside Saudi Arabia. Outside Saudi Arabia, they ensure maximum protection and support from the embassies and consulates, so that the citizens have a hitch free travel. Another thing, Saudi Arabia is very cautious for the name and the honor of the country and the Muslims. The government requests the residents to behave in such a way outside Saudi Arabia that nobody can point a wrong finger in the direction of the nation. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has provided a guideline to the travelers so that they can have a happy journey without any untoward incidents. Following are the guidelines:

Guidelines by MOFA for Travelers of Saudi Arabia
  1. While planning for a journey, the first thing you should check is that your passport has an expiry of at least six months. Add those family members to your passport who do not have an individual passport and mentioned their number in the visa. There are some countries who do not allow you to enter unless your passport has 6 months before expiring.
  2. If you are planning to travel to a country which requires visa, then the second thing you must do is get your visa. Before leaving for the journey make sure that you have your visa document with you because they will not allow you to enter otherwise, and it will cost you dearly to come back.
  3. Before leaving your home make sure that you have all the travel documents and all other things up to date. Upon entering the airport, make sure that you have hotel and airlines reservation tickets. If you have not booked a hotel already then you can do so at the numerous offices on the airport which provide lodgings at reasonable price.
  4. The first most important thing you have to do after checking in the country is submitting the passport information, your address and contact numbers in your country’s embassy so that you may be contacted if required, and identify you if you require their services.
  • You are advised not to give your passport to anyone, as it is your personal belonging. If required, you may give your passport only to the officials working in the embassy.
  • You are not supposed to leave your passport at the hotel reception. In case you lose your passport, the first thing you should do is file a police report and submit a copy to the embassy so that they may help you in finding it.
  • Ask the hotel in which you are lodging to provide you with a safe and keep your passport, travel tickets, personal belongings and currency in that safe. Avoid keeping the key in the wallet or the handbag.
  • When you are travelling to a foreign country, you are not advised to keep a lot of cash with you, for this purpose use traveler’s cheques and credit cards. Keep the number of the cards and the cheques in a safe place or store them in a password encrypted device.
  • If you are travelling for business purpose then before travelling, check in with the trade Chambers in Saudi Arabia to get the background on the companies. If you are satisfied with the reputation of those companies than sign any contracts and any deal. For any contracts you are advised to consult a lawyer and go over the document thoroughly with him.
  • In some countries the custom officer might check all your jewellery and cash local currency, in order to avoid it always keep the transference slip of the currency with you so that your cash may not be confiscated.
  • Like Saudi Arabia, the country you are travelling to, may have some rules and regulation and you are supposed to abide by them like you do in Saudi Arabia. If you follow the laws and customs of the country then you may experience the hospitality of the country. To ensure that, head to the embassy of that country in Saudi and learn those laws.
  • Your country’s embassies are like home to the foreign citizens and you are advised to contact them if you are in any problem, no matter how minor the problem is, the embassy will be very happy to help you.
  • In case you cannot contact the embassy then contact Foreign Ministry in Saudi Arabia on 4055000 and dial the extension 4105-4555-3768.

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