Saturday, December 6, 2014

How often do People think about Sex?

Saudi Arabia is a certain country where segregation is found EVERYWHERE. By this I mean that men and women are not allowed to mingle or socialize as in countries like America or Australia or other western countries. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia men and women have always been separated with segregated schools and in the work place they both have separated sections where they are given to work. Even within certain households in Saudi Arabia brother in laws and sister in laws are also covered from head to toe even within their homes. With this there is no way a man or woman can be attracted to the opposite gender. They are always covered and identical to the other, just with women in black and men in white.

Today's basic purpose is to bring about a general question that may be thought by many people living in and outside the walls of Saudi Arabia and that is “how often does the thought of Sex cross the minds of young generation?” It's a bit too direct especially for many who aren't used to having such direct talks. But at times it's alright to bring into discussion honest opinions and point of views. In Saudi Arabia, young men and women are not allowed to interact or talk to one another not unless they are engaged. In that case they are allowed to talk over the phone or text. However face to face meetings are restricted till they both are married. After that is when their real lives begin.

It may seem a bit too scary since they would not have seen or met each other before. How would you feel sharing a room with someone you've never met? But that's just a risk they have to take. The families are the better deciders to take charge and find the perfect matches for their children and the children will just have to trust God and their parents that everything turns out the best for them. Many young Saudi men and women would not even know how would they even talk to their life partners on the night of their marriage so the thought of spending the night becomes a bit too much inappropriate for them. Perhaps this is one of the main causes of divorces in Saudi Arabia.

In Saudi you cannot usually have such discussions with your friends or family since it's considered too personal. I wouldn't disagree. It is something personal and it's not appropriate to think about and discuss your private matters that should be kept between the two soul mates. I don't know exactly how to conclude this read. All I can advise the young soon to be married men and women is that give your relationship some time for understanding. That's the entire basic basis for any marriage. With time there comes development and understanding. With understanding you can accomplish your fears. The thought of Sex doesn't cross the young minds all the time, you can bet on it!

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