Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How a Pakistani Muslim became Zionist?

Every morning I wake up to the idea that I live in a free country. Every morning I thank my Lord for giving me a life, family and friends. More importantly He has given me the blessing of living a life that keeps me calm and makes me proud of who I am. However, some things I don't believe is how someone can grow up hatred for certain people and certain things with which he had been strongly associated. Every now and then we see Palestinians suffer on the screen. Not a long ago during the Month of Ramadan, Thousands of Palestinians had lost their lives. It was something that caused me to rebel against Israel. I wanted to ask about as to why they would kill children, infants, women and men for no cause at all. Because of this war I protests against it. I made sure that if necessary I would be willing to sacrifice my life for it. I prayed every single day I could for those poor souls.

The Topic of Palestine and Israel is a very serious topic and sensitive issue for many people. Muslim brothers however, came about the common banner to fight for the rights of these Muslims who were treated and killed (I would say ‘murdered’) all because Israel had an Ego to take care off at stake. Not a while ago I came across to the news that a Pakistani Muslim became a Zionist. I tried to comprehend to it but eventually I was unable to. I won't question him on his choice. However something he said on CBN news made me want to question him that how can he come about to the fact that Palestine isn't a state?! Palestine is one of the oldest states that have existed for centuries. It was one of the States that are mentioned in certain Holy Books. It was a shame to hear something like that who was once a Muslim.

With his statement he has made a call out saying that it's okay to kill innocent people in Palestine because it isn't a state. The only reason why I have been rebelling against the State of Israel is only because it is unjust to brutally Kill and Bomb the people of Palestine just to show that they are powerless. This will only cause the Muslim Community to stand firm. During these wars and bomb attacks on Palestine in June I came across a statement that was given by a young woman in Palestine who said that they go to sleep in their Abayas and Niqabs because they don't want to be found dead uncovered. Because of this I understood and compared myself to these women who put their religion forward more than there life. I'm not sure whether she is still alive or not but she has put out a great message across.

When I was little my mother always told me one thing and that was to respect and gain respect. The truth regarding this is very clear, clearer than a crystal. You cannot expect anyone to respect you if you don't respect them. This is the only reason that the Muslim communities around the globe around with other important countries and states support Palestine even though ‘THEY AREN'T A STATE’. It's not necessary to go through facts and figures but rather go through actions and sufferings. Just because of ego and hatred so many people lost their lives, they lost their homes, mosques. They lost everything except their beliefs. And what has Israel lost during all this? Pride and Respect! This was just to put the Facts straight. It's not the Muslim lives lost that I'm protesting against, it's the human lives.

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