Monday, December 8, 2014

How to Dress up for Job Interview?

The first step after anyone applies for a job is to wait for the interview call. In case you have got a call, there are so many things to take care in order to get employer impressed by your personality and skills. The foremost thing is to be careful about dressing and formal looks of a person. First impression is the last impression, this phrase works very effectively here. Besides answering to questions asked in interview is the biggest break through and the formal looks play a great role for presenting your favorable image to employer.  Following are few tips for an impressive dressing style to get ready for your interview. You should wear your dress for interview keeping in view the following points.

How to dress for Job Interview?
  1. Company culture: The foremost thing is to understand the company culture and core values. Companies vary in culture even in same region. Some are strictly formal or some may be semi or less formal. You can buy a formal dress in case you don’t have and the company’s culture requires it. Don’t compromise your formality requirement as it may affect your professional attitude image. Wear formal dress with dress shoes and don’t forget to put on tie. This is the biggest mistake majority do and losses confidence in their first encounter to employer.
  2. Well-dressed looks: Do grave care about ironing and clean looks of your dress. Take it as most important event of your life and don’t forget to remove any kind of wrinkle in your dress. Well ironed dress, cleanly polished shoes and matching tie will leave an impressive image on employer and will enhance your confidence level as well.
  3. Be simple and elegant: No matter you are a male or female, try to be simple, sleek and elegant in your looks. For boys, don’t even think to wear oversized or giant rings, hand band, pendant or chain in neck or any other kind of accessory which can make you look unprofessional. Same goes with girls, don’t over accessorize yourself with gold or any other metal jewelry. Be careful about makeover you have done for interview. Be very careful about anything which can impair your professional looks of formality. It will affect your first impression. 
  4. Seasonal dressing: Don’t go out of the way in attempt to show your elf ultra-advance or modern, follow seasonal conditions while choosing dress code for interview. It will enhance charm of your personality and will help you to retain a favorable image for employer.
  5. No heavy perfumes: Bad odor can collapse your first impression for being careless about hygiene. In attempt to avoid this condition few individuals put heavy perfumes. It deviate attention of everyone in surrounding.   This is considered as unethical and unprofessional by employers. Avoid it such perfumes and stinging after shaves. 
  6. Comb your hairs: Hair cut plays a significant role in personality of both a woman and man, your haircut must be the one which suits you best and hair style must be simple and formal to complete your formal looks.
  7. Wear what suits you: Everyone has a different regime for color suitability while dressing up. You better have an idea what suits you best and what not. Be choosy in selecting dress color and print for interview. In case of woman, don’t wear too revealing or extra modern clothes.
  8. Be natural: In an attempt to look formal, don’t go beyond your nature or style. For carrying professional looks, don’t try to test a practice which is difficult for you to handle. Be natural, simple and gorgeous. Yes formality is the condition for interview dress selection but don’t cross limits for it.

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