Tuesday, December 2, 2014

How to maintain long distance relationships?

While we live abroad, we are far away from our loved ones and it becomes very difficult sometimes to maintain long distance relationships. While living together, forgetting a birthday may be an issue that could be resolved by a simple apology but being far away it can be a big crime. Every human being wants to spend his life among his loved ones. No one wants to be away from his family but because of many reasons one has to go abroad. It is usually for a better future of his family. Many people from different countries travel to Saudi Arabia for earning a better life standard for their families.

They have to face many differences and challenges related to language, culture and weather etc. Along with these they also face a problem in keeping a strong relationship with all those back in country. Long distance relationships face many problems such as hectic schedules of jobs, differences of time zones etc. A suspicious activity on social media can also spoil the relationship. So here it is to be discussed what measures can be taken by an expatriate working in Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia to save his relationship that is now facing a problem of long distances.

It is obvious that before leaving home one has discussed with his family that why it is necessary to go abroad so it is clear that the ones at home are aware of the problems to be faced when a family member is abroad. A travel to a foreign country not only brings more money to the family but also proves that the distance is not more than the love between the bonds of relations.  While living away from home one shall plan how to bridge gaps between him and his loved ones. Simple tasks can help a lot if taken care of, for example, after considering the difference in time zones if it shall be decided that what is a good time to call and what would be a better way to communicate and by virtue of this decision there will be no issues of communication gaps and those back at home will feel that living abroad has not make him forget the family.

Promises of calling daily or writing a letter once a week or coming back every six months may not be possible while staying in Saudi Arabia in initial days but once the routine at office is set you shall be sticking to your initial plans that you made before leaving home and shall honestly try to make the communication better. The structures of relationships are not built with concrete and cement but the feelings of trust serve the purpose. When you are not in front of your loved ones rather far away, where they don’t have firsthand knowledge of your activities, be more careful in keeping the trust. You are free to do usual chores as long as they don’t put you in a situation of betraying. You can go away with office colleagues can make new friends but don’t make the one at home feel that you forgot him or her.

Be careful of ordinary things that may go unnoticed if living together, when technology is doing its job to make the world a global village, one shall try to make the best use of it. Don’t forget to talk about the health of those at home and never forget to wish at certain events. While living together, forgetting a birthday may be an issue that could be resolved by a simple apology but being far away it can be a big crime. One may take it as you forgot him/her and not the date of birth only. Sharing the special moments like an improvement in job or a loving change in weather and remembering each other at festivals make the relationships strong and no one feels the intensity of distance. Living away from home is also a test for relationships. If the relationship sustains even being apart, it means it is going to work for a life time.

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