Saturday, December 13, 2014

How to Motivate Employees without increasing Salary?

Employee motivation is the most important thing which plays a significant role in company’s success after customer satisfaction. Employees are mostly motivated with high rate of salary packages, perquisites and bonuses. These motivators make them loyal with company, higher the motivational factors, higher would be the employee motivation level. This is a natural thing that money can convince anyone and can encourage to work for a target attainment. This is not the end of the story. Sometimes various other factors can enhance such motivation level that money itself can’t attain. These non-monetary factors range from job security to job rotation. A company better has to concentrate over non-monetary factors of motivation even more than monetary factors for desired output. Following are some ways through which you can motivate your employees without increasing their salaries.

  1. Brain storming: Healthy challenge and conflict help people for stimulation of mind and generation of innovative ideas. These small problems help people to devise better ways of solution and enhance their creativity domain. This will enable them to solve issues with new and technical ways. They should be easily eligible to access leaders and mentors for discussion of their issues and for feedback generation.
  2. Comfortable environment: If employees are provided with comfortable environment with open opportunity to express their concerns and problem, they feel more motivated towards company goals. Entertainment activities, fun opportunities within limits and a semi-formal structure helps in more motivated workforce. A short break within working hours to recharge their energy levels and providing opportunities helps in more enthusiastic approach. Create events for them and offer tea parties and annual or semiannual functions. Celebrate promotions or increase in productivity of company operations. These small events enhance sense of belonging of employees with company and reenergize their loyalty for company objectives.
  3. Appreciate them: Never forget to appreciate employee whenever they deserve that. Each and every target achieved, any exceptional achievement by them, innovative and creative ideas presented by them or attainment of better customer satisfaction due to customer efforts. No matter what kind of better performance they show, appreciate them and encourage their efforts. Sometimes few soft words can even work better than monetary appreciation for employees.
  4.  Authority and Job Enrichment: Authority and empowerment is one of the biggest inspirations for employees. Owing to the capabilities and performance of employees, they should be empowered and equipped with authority according to requirement. This creates a sense of responsibility among them and will help to urge them for better and speedy objective achievement.
  5. Fair promotion system: Fair and quality based promotion system is the foremost desire of workforce. They feel more motivated when you fairly evaluate their performance and promote them as appreciation of their better performance. It provides opportunity of job enrichment. It helps in widening the exposure of workforce.
  6. Growth opportunities: Growth and self-actualization need is the top most need of human nature according to the Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs and motivational factors. Company must conduct training sessions for growth of employee professional and personal abilities. It is another way of motivation for employees for better performance.

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