Thursday, December 25, 2014

How to Search for a Rental House in Saudi Arabia?

Searching for a good house on rent is a big deal in Saudi Arabia and you need to consider many factors. 30% population of Saudi Arabia is comprised of expatriates. You must know that there is no system of getting permanent residence or nationality for expatriates in Saudi Arabia. So called permanent residence permit can be issued for the maximum period of 2 years. However, most of the companies and Kafeels issue it for only one year. You cannot own any property here in Saudi Arabia so you must take it on rent to live. There are only 3 options available to you when searching for a house is your objective. I have listed them below.

Methods to Search for Rental House in Saudi Arabia
  1. First method of searching the house is to contact the property dealers of the area where you are looking for the house in Saudi Arabia. Normally Saudis let property dealers of the area know about the house. The problem is that they will charge you from SR 1,000/- to SR 2,000/- for vacillating you to search for the house in Saudi Arabia. However, you would be able to find a house without furniture.
  2. Traditional method of searching for the house in Saudi Arabia is to take your car along with another person (which can be your friend or wife) and wander around the streets of the area where you are looking for the house. You should be looking at small boards on the face of building stating “For Rent”. Normally the cell number of the contact person is also written there and you can easily call them to know about the house.
  3. You can also talk to the watchman (Haris) of your current building to let you know about any flat on rent in the area in which you are living. These watchmen have their contacts with other watchmen of other building so they can also tell you about it. You can motivate them by letting them award of some Saudi Riyals if he finds out a suitable house for you.
  4. You can search the house for rent in Saudi Arabia on internet as well. There are some groups on Facebook on which people advertise for their house and some websites like where it is advertised. You can search for it there and contact the relevant person to check the house. It is the perhaps the easiest and cheapest way to search for the house in Saudi Arabia but there is a small problem with that. Normally Saudis don’t advertise online about their vacant houses. It means that most of the houses which you will find would be advertised by the current tenants. Why do tenants advertise for the house? There are several reasons.
·Sometimes tenant wants to leave the house due to any problem and he has given advance rent of let’s say 3, 4 months. It is very difficult to recover rent from the Saudi so they search for the tenant for the landlord and recover money from the new tenant at the time of moving out of house.
·         Sometimes tenants want to move from the house without furniture since it takes around SR 2,000 to move house with furniture. They look for the tenant who can purchase this furniture from them. Since you are looking for the house, you have to compromise and purchase their furniture as well.


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