Thursday, December 18, 2014

How to use Facebook for Job Hunting?

Facebook has launched a professional website for professionals for job recruitment purpose. This website is knows as Linked In. a recent research shows that about 94 % of users of social website who use these websites for seeking jobs use linked In. despite of such a huge slot, just 34 % of total users are active on this website after registration. Mostly employees use Facebook for job seeking despite of the fact that it is social network engine. People like to visit it, interact, share interests and get opportunities for career growth. About 83% of total job seeking candidates utilize Facebook for this purpose and about 65 % people are active for job purposes.  Despite of traffic on Facebook for job seeking, it is helpful for you to maintain your profile in Linked In as it will highlight your portfolio and will make you prominent for recruiters.

Major users of Facebook have joined this channel for job recruitment purpose by various social networks of friends and family. These circles has raised job hunting practice on social channels even more than professional channels like Linked In. Mostly recruiters evaluate profile of a social network user for analyzing skills and capabilities of that user. There is an extensive way to enhance productivity of using these networks for recruitment and hunting of desired jobs.

  1. Social marketing: Social media marketing is the latest tool available on cheap terms for getting someone introduced with prospective employers and business partners. It is recommended to give ads about freelance capabilities for one’s abilities and qualifications. It is most effective when people use it by creating a compact blog of simple overview of their skills and work experience.
  2. Interaction: Ads on social media channels like Facebook not only introduce you but also cross matches skills and requirements of employer and employee. This makes it possible the recruitment of desired level of workforce by all kind of employers. Ads on Linked In and Facebook both are productive but Facebook channel is more speedy and effective due to huge traffic lot available.
  3. Networking: Facebook has huge traffic that even it can compete with a well occupied state or country in comparison for public availability. All kind of people are available here 24/7 hours like employers, stakeholders, business partners, prospective and previous colleagues and many more. It is equally important among professionals as is between social media lovers. One can take advantage of this latest opportunity for talent hunting and approaching potential employers. Get in touch with related pages and circle on Facebook. Make your network strong and fast and enjoy long term professional relationships.
  4. Be active and participative: Facebook groups are even more effective places for learning than pages. People participate in healthy discussion over here and exchange of knowledge takes place. It helps in updating knowledge regime of a person and grooms its personality in professional perspective. It also helps you to explore your talent to get a part of healthy discussions and share your views.
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