Thursday, December 18, 2014

How to use LinkedIn for Job Hunting?

In today’s modern era the latest way to market yourself is social media or internet streaming, it is the most authentic, cheap and speedy way of marketing yourself. For professionals, Facebook social group has launched a special website specifically for business purposes. Linked In is the social media website for professionals and corporate culture. Initial years of its launch it gained a huge market of professional with 259 million professional users across 200 countries of world with 178.9 active users on monthly basis. Linked In highlights a company employer and employees’ portfolio in such a way which build up new connections for professional growth. In order to market you for attractive job and business opportunities, following steps have to be taken.

  1. Strong portfolio profile: LinkedIn has generated its own instruction and step by step model for completion of portfolio. Strong profile with highlighted skill level and qualifications helps to attract employers towards you. Profile picture must be attached taken with professional looks. Don’t put such profile pictures as you put on Facebook or other social media websites. It impairs professionalism and formality. State that you welcome healthy job opportunities but don’t mention that you are in a need of job. It may affect your market value being a desperate job seeker.
  2. Role of endorsements: Endorsement creates a positive effect on your portfolio. It not only enhances credibility of an employee regarding his work but highlights key areas based on strengths and skills of an employee. LinkedIn takes in account your endowments and statistical dimension of performance which helps a prospective employer to understand and evaluate your capabilities. It shows even timing of endorsement for your skills. On Linked In it goes side by side. The more you endorse the greater rate of endorsement you revive in return.
  3. Require recommendations: Ask for recommendation from professionals and experts available on Linked In. This is the best way to create improvement in your portfolio and profile for more professional and sophisticated approach. Send a personalized request for recommendation to each individual and keep it personal and evaluate the need of improvements required. The best way to make people recommend you changes, recommend them. They will automatically respond like the way.
  4. Establish strong network: Establish strong and smooth connections. Don’t waste much time on new people. Try to stick to old ones who know you personally. Meet them, re-introduce yourself and restart social dimension of your relationship. It has an interesting tool with the name “people you already know”. This let you make familiar and get in touch with real life connections available on linked In. Keep your contacts updated and share your status time to time to let them involve in your business.
  5. Join and participate in group discussions: There are specific groups available for people with same interest to share their ideas and even contrast for healthy brain storming sessions. This practice makes it possible for individuals to exchange their knowledge and work experience with their contacts and people of related field and interests.

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