Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Initial Settlement in Saudi Arabia

I have some questions regarding initial settlement in Saudi Arabia, please answer.

Question by Visitor
I am Adil Khan from India, presently working in Saudi Arabia for Alissa Auto Star Group. I came here on 15 June 2014, just two months ago. Professionally I am an engineer but unfortunately working here as a salesman (spare parts). My employer provided me a letter head for the evidence that my iqama is under process and I am his employee. The employer brought me on labor visa. I have some questions kindly answer me.

  1. Is this a right job for me as they are giving me SAR 1800 per month?
  2. Is there good career if I work here for the period of two years on this salary and iqama?
  3. Can I switch my job and join another company in KSA.
  4. How can I live with my wife in KSA? can I sponsor her? As I am a newly married.
  5. Currently a company in Riyadh has shortlisted my resume for a job but the position is only available to holders of Saudi residence permits or transferable Iqamas, and successful candidates will be required to transfer their sponsorship to company. Kindly guide me should I appear in interview? How can I join this job as this job has good salary and benefits?
  6. How can I go back to my country India immediately? I had submitted my passport to employer (HR Dept.).

Answer by Steve

You have asked so many questions and I will try to answer them one by one.
  1. How can I decide if a job is suitable for someone?
  2. Career is related to your future expectations. I do not know what are you expecting for, so I cannot tell you about it.
  3. Yes you can switch your job by following some procedures. I have explained it in this article. “Switching Jobs in Saudi Arabia
  4. You can apply for a permanent family visa for your wife and bring her here. The procedure to apply for permanent family visa has been explained in this article “Apply for Permanent Family Visa
  5. As you have already stated that new company is looking for the candidate with the transferable iqama, the situation you have just mentioned does not reflect that your iqama is transferable.
  6. If you are still in probation period, you should resign from your company to get out of India. If your Kafeel is good, he will process your final exit. Otherwise, he will ask for some money (this is illegal) he has incurred on your visa arrangement.


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