Tuesday, December 23, 2014

1 Arrange and 1 Love Marriage - Polygamy Practice

Islam is a religion of peace justice and equality. Islam has given a lot of rights and flexibilities to women than the time before Islam. Before Islam, women were just considered a soulless material which could be purchased from any market and could be treated in any way. After Islam, women got her right position in society. At one side, where Islam protects so much of women in society, it allows a man to have four wives at a time. Sounds quite strange? especially from perspective of a western woman. The most fearing aspect of Islam for a western woman is this that Islamic men are allowed to have four legal marriage relationships at a time.

This practice is although allowed by Islam and in Islamic World it is practically shown in the society. It is very common in Arab World that men have more than one wives. Some even divorce their wives after few years of marriage and get to marry another wife of their choice. When a man marries first time with woman, it is commitment for lifetime, but from few men’s point of view, it is just starting of a new chapter of a book. They know that there would be many more chapters on their way while reading the book of life. Some men even from start of his first marriage are mentally prepared for a second, third or fourth relationship. After few months or years of marriage, he starts looking for his another wife. This quest starts from his social circle and ends up in social circle of his first wife. His second wife can even best friend of his wife. It is very common practice and strange to know that no one surprises if it happens due to its usual occurrence.

In case a man marries another woman after many kids from his first marriage. The first wife, her family and friends don’t blame man. They start talking about the attributes and character of the second woman. Despite of the fact that the man knowingly that he is having a happy family marries another time just for a change in life or with any other perception is considered innocent by wife and her social circle. They easily shift blame to unknown woman. The family of man considers second marriage as a normal thing by saying that first marriage was not according to his own choice.

The man can take it as arrange marriage of his family choice and consider the second wife as his true love of life. This kind of approach for relationship making is considered as Polygamy where a man is intended to be in more than one or even sometimes 2 relationships at a time. At the end of the day, the man remains innocent in the eyes of everyone and the second wife is considered as an evil spirit who could have become the reason of restlessness of first wife and her family.

The purpose of writing this article is not to criticize polygamy practice. Polygamy is allowed in Islam with certain rules and regulation e.g. you need to be just and fair with all of your wives and believe me it is very difficult to do it at this age of time. I think not settling with your wife for the sake of second marriage is something which should not be accepted by our society. If you don't want to get settled with your arranged marriage, don't ruin the life of an innocent girl.

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